Saturday, February 27, 2016

Professional and Affordable House Renovation - Pebble Stones, Tiles, Mosquito Net

Jan 2016 - My husband and I have always been frustrated to search for contractor, especially when it comes to do some minor renovation at house.

We have major problem that we faced, for example, to do strong mosquito net since we are staying near to forest, and we have monkeys, and mosquitoes come and visiting us.

I have many friends recommendation and also many contractors come to check on our house, all of them just went off unanswered after the visiting, just because they feel that too much work, too little money earned I guess.

Luckily, one day, Mr Antony Dass from PPCS , our pest control guy from Ampang & KL, introduced us to Rudy and Izad. By the way, if you are looking for pest conrol management, please look for Anthony +6016-978 4208, 03-4296 8549,

Rudy and Izad came to our house, and we had discussed over the problems that we have, and remarkably, Rudy is the only contractor who didn't ask us to remove everything and buy everything new. He will consult and tell us things that are practical, logical, and things that you do not need to buy, and reuse. Now, this is what I called it as efficiency and smart.

So these are the things that we have done:

Change all windows wood frame to aluminium. To do this, they need to remove the wood frame, apply cement as aluminium frame is smaller than the wood frame, and install back the window and the grill.

fixing the strong mosquito net to prevent monkeys and mosquitoes.

originally cement, we put on tiles and black and white pebbles stones.

did a close up to let you see, maybe you want to have such designs as well.

Original wall was cement base, and now with beautiful black and white pebble stones. Asked Rudy why can't we put tiles directly? He explained because our walls were uneven, as our house is on hill, a bit sloppy and uneven.

Close-up on the pebbles stones. Rudy says we need a professional worker to do such designs. Everyone can buy and just put, but to do the finishing is challenging.

Overall the renovation take up to almost 3 weeks, seem a bit slow for me, but i believe some part of the renovation work need more time, for example, to wait for the cement and the paint to dry out, and so forth...I would say both Rudy and Izad are patience, and they have value-added service by helping me fixing other tiny renovation works without charges. Which is why, it is worth introducing Rudy and Izad more business. 

Rudy 018-7839440
MMZH Enterprise

26, Jalan Watan 25, Taman Sri Watan, 68000, Ampang, Selangor.

As for house cleaning after renovation, I get straight from without worries. Although some are pricey, but cleaning up the house after renovation was a huge mess. And if we stay at the home during renovation, we will breathe and live with the dust.

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