Monday, February 29, 2016

Fresh and Raw Seafood in Yamaguchi Fish Market, Kampung Pandan KL

13 Feb 2016 - Well, where else in KL to get nice fresh seafood? I was thinking to go to hotel to try out the normal buffet with international cuisine, places like Lemon Garden Seafood Buffet by Shangri-La Hotel was really a good-to-go for seafood lovers but I don't want to go alone eating like a monster, same goes as when you dine out all by yourself. Sound pitiful right? Date me perhaps, we can go out to hunt for food.

Jason told me that he found out there is a new Japanese fresh seafood restaurant in Kampong Pandan. My eyes were like blink-blink, Oh really? How could he manage to find out about the place when he is in Singapore, where else I have always been in KL all the time, but never heard of it before.

Later, get to know that Jason got to know about Yamaguchi from Sean

Finally, kinda persuade Jason to treat me and others relatives a big seafood feast, some are their top 10 recommendations:

This is their garlic steamed oysters. Well, fresh seafood, always come with a touch of garlic, ginger, or lemon twist. Strong yet soft steamed garlic to be on top as serving....aromatic and nice.

Ice blended chocolate mint. unfortunately for me, I really hate sweet stuff, but with a little mint to comfort your throat, I think this is unique as well.

We found this Seafood Nabemono, seafood hot pot served with vegetables. We only take the photo of the prawn, all because the prawn is big to attract for us to take picture. It is a normal mini steamboat clear water with lots of vegetables and not much fancy seafood in the hot pot though.

Fresh oysters and Salmon Sashimi at RM 48. Normal price is RM 75. We took 3 sets of this. Super fresh and tempting, with a thick sashimi cut for the salmon.

Well, you see 75% of the photos in the blog are oysters, so you know how crazy we are into fresh raw oysters!

Well, gonna game on to enjoy some maki-maki. I actually like maki-maki over sushi actually...properly I prefer all flavours into is like rojak, haha!

Oops, back to maki-maki...crab meat, keep rolling with all the fresh vegetables, it was loud although I bite on it softly, due to the crunchy fresh vegetables, luckily I did not make everyone turned their head to see the noisy me... and oh yeah, I want to tell you, that I have never tried some a fresh caviar eggs before. Burst in your mouth as you bite it, omphhhhh....

I didn't take much on the open fish market concept as I am not good in introducing it. But, it is indeed very inspired by the Japan fish market, and the way they design the fish pond are definitely somehow different.

I see most of the waiters are foreigners but speak good English, this is an extra point of course. Imagine a food outlet hire foreigners who doesn't speak English, just because their salary is lower and perhaps they are more hardworking than the locals, but if they cannot commmunicate, what's the point?

Some of their chefs are Japanese, locals...some...might be foreigners? Cannot see from their looks. I have a perception, that hand-skilled sashimi cut should be done by Japanese, and the utmost, locals are fine too. No one else, please...I cry when I see Sushi Tei is full of foreigners as their chefs, and charging you as such a high price.

In terms of the menu, I would say they are doing mostly on seafood, and then I found there is rice and noodle at the corner of the menu. Probably just to give more alternative options to those who came here for carbo and not much on fresh and raw seafood I guess. But for me, i won't come here for that.

Alright, here comes the story, we were supposed to meet directly at Yamaguchi in different cars. I can tell you we pass by the place, and didn't even realized it! Turned out Yamaguchi is actually behind Cafeinees. Well, you should have an arrow signboard to direct people that Yamaguchi is situated at your land area? Plus it's a one way street, gotta make a big U-turn, only then reach the place. Yamaguchi sign board is not easy to be seen at all.

My Comment: Freshness 100% yes, but guess too many things they want to promote in the menu. Price is slightly expensive, wouldn't go there if there's no promotion, or opt for more affordable selection. Concept of  the fish market is unique. But well as you know, you won't be too full when it comes to enjoy seafood and shelled seafood. This, you should know...only carbs, protein, and lots of poultry will make you full. You shall come for freshness of the seafood.

Yamaguchi Fish Market

Address: 16, Jalan Kampung Pandan, Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Open Daily: 10am - 1am

Landmark: the waze/ google map direct me to a different place, middle of nowhere. My advice is to track down Caffeinees, since it is at the same ground.

Phone:+60 12-268 2816
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