Saturday, November 7, 2015

Unborn X Reborn Art by Elena Kravchenko and Aleff Ahmad - Sembilan Art Residency Program

31 Oct 2015 - Get to know about Unborn X Reborn Art Exhibition through Sembilan Art Residency Program.

Sembilan was aimed to support painter/ artists, helping them to creatively explore, express their ideas, and allow them to exhibit their work at the end of the residency. Ah okay, so this is why it was named as Sembilan Art Residency. I guess you know why it was called Sembilan, because it was originally from Negeri Sembilan? Well, that was my guess.

This time, Unborn X Reborn features works by Elena Kravchenko from Russia and Aleff Ahmad from Malaysia, showcasing all in Awegallery in PJ, and yeah, the painting are for sale.

Mr Aleff Ahmad in the middle, talking with the guests.

Through the whole exhibition, I was attracted to the painting 'character' of the astronauts, the telur mata kerbau (I almost thought the fried egg was real), durian musang king, the acrylic on wood. It seems the astronaut is going on an uncertain food adventure....hehe...

Awegallery is great for exhibition, art gallery, gatherings, events, a space for you to have any special occasions. (not wedding la)

And we should always support art, "The work of art is a scream of freedom"

Sembilan Art Residency Program

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