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My M Marini Caffe Diary 2014

March - September 2014 - I was excited when M Marini Caffe opened in the early 2014. Imagine having a classic fine cafe in KLCC! I mean, most of the other cafes are either simply casual, or serving local Malaysia food.

And if you love casual Italian food, you should go to M Marini Caffe. And so many of my friends tell me: "Oh, Marini has a cafe? It must be expensive like Marini on 57!"

Dear all, at least you go and check out their website before judging and spreading the wrong words. It is affordable yet serving you quality food, okay? the cafe with the double TT (guess they want to be named differently), I mean the CAFFE is real good. And the best, you know that you always cannot bring small kids to Marini on 57? Well, you can bring your children to the caffe.

Greeting you with beautiful flowers and a handsome statue.

So I make a diary of my visit to the cafe, from March - September 2014, because I don't want to blog repeating info or food pictures. So, this is what you can get when you are in M Marini Caffe:

All day breakfast set at RM 28-32

Fresh bakeries served with imported butter.

typical toast bread served with salad.


My sweet lover,  you will be oh my god! If you are as sweet as the dolce as per below:

Panna cotta Italian creamy an in vanilla avour and raspberry coulis RM 16

Tiramisu Classic Italian dessert featuring a rich blend of bold avours of cocoa and espresso, with mascarpone cheese and savoiardi biscuit - RM 22

Mini berries and cherries tart- not available in menu (seasonal)

You might be thinking Xmas ball deco on the table? I name this - The melting chocolate ball.

I still remember my sister video recording how the chocolate ball 'bocor' meaning burst in malay...haha, it is melting actually!

Pumpkin soup, not in the menu (seasonal). However, they serve mushroom soup.

House-made mushrooms soup with fresh cream and parsley RM 25

If you are a seafood lover, and crazy oysters maniac:

Freshly air- own oysters at its nest. Oysters are an excellent source of zinc, iron, calcium and selenium as well as vitamin A and B12. Traditionally, oysters are considered to be aphrodisiacs and are most nutritious when eaten raw. What we serve on ice by piece :- Fine de Clair from France. Fresh and delicious live oysters are served with lemon and raspberry vinaigrette, RM 18 per piece.

See all the own-made sauces to go along with the oysters?

Raw Oysters....good for your health!

Salmon crudo - Served with warm garlic-infused olive oil and organic garlic crisps RM 38. I keep on tell the waiter I want sashimi, and he looked at me, puzzled. only then, i realized that crudo means raw, and sashimi terms are for Japanese. so, alright, salmon crudo!

Too yummy, I ordered this everytime I visited the cafe.

And I ordered again!? Ask me to stop, but I just can't...It was so yummy, the taste is definitely not the taste like you have when you are eating sashimi.

One day, I ordered the salmon crudo wrongly. (my fault, didn't see the menu). and end up being served with...

Roasted salmon fi llet with teriyaki sauce served with mashed potatoes and fresh greens - RM 42
The taste was okay, but probably just not my preferred choice.

Cold Pasta

Well, when you have Japanese soba noodles being served cold, why not try cold pasta? So many people are so used to eat hot pasta, that they didn't know cold pasta was actually....

Amazing as you can see... In the cafe, they serve capelline, angel hair pasta.

Capellini with aglio-olio and chilli Served with pecorino cheese and a touch of extra virgin olive oil RM 28

Capellini with prawns Served with avocado, raw Petuna ocean trout, momotaro tomatoes and topped with wild salmon caviar RM 33

Was trying this tropical capellini, served with fresh prawns and fresh olives. not in the menu (seasonal)

Aiyo, now it comes to salad. Oh wait, some of you might think, okay, salad only, I will get hungry easily, but this is not the typical caesar classic is...

Avocado, mango and prawn Mesclun leaves with fresh avocado, mango and prawns , served with pine nuts, cucumber and mint leaves and house-made sweet dressing - RM 35

Caesar salad with chicken Romaine lettuce tossed in house-made caesar dressing served with croutons, sliced chicken and poached egg - RM 32


But if you are aiming for " I want fine food still." You can enjoy caviar in the cafe. Caviar is a delicacy made from the eggs of a roe fish.

Caviar can be served as an appetizer or as a garnish. Known for its butter texture and lusciously salty taste, caviar is also rich in many nutrients such as vitamin A, potassium, omega - 3 fatty acids, vitamin D and haemoglobin. Caviar is expensive due to its limited supply outstripped by constant increasing demand and elaborate time-consuming technique of production. True Caspian caviar is derived from Beluga sturgeon, Osetrova sturgeon, and Sevruga sturgeon. There are two major true caviar producing countries: Russia and Iran. Food gourmands race to obtain the freshest and the best, regardless of cost. Well, I am not surprised, I google search and found out that they are many people who are looking for fine caviar!

See you again! Share me your experience in M Marini Caffe, would ya?

When you can enjoy real casual Italian food with reasonable price...

Opening Hours -  Daily – 10 am to 10 pm

Address: LC-G04 Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Persiaran KLCC (located directly in front of Versace, near Chanel)

Telephone +603 2386 6030
Fax +603 2141 8193
Telephone reservations 
  • Mondays to Sundays, 10 am to 8 pm
  • Last minute / group reservations
  • After hours enquiries Call or SMS on +6017 688 0167

Enjoy our Life in Good Ways,
Suki Jezz

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