Friday, September 25, 2015

Visitation to Vincotto Originale

Sept 2013 - We first get to know Gianni Calogiuri from internet, for a simple inquiry of Vincotto products.

Gianni and Nilde were definitely a sweet couple yet low profile. He was the one who bring us to enjoy good food during our Alberobello and Lecce trip.

He also know lots of restaurant owners and those in f&b industry, is because he supplies the unique Vincotto, the fine balsamic vinegar for them.

We went to the secret underground barrel room, where we have the real vintage Vincotto vinegar that was kept in there for many many years, and the recipe was only within the family at that time. It was Gianni who decided to grow big with Vincotto, doing lots of marketing, and branding for Vincotto.

You will be able to see lots of nice packaging for the Vincotto.

And even president Obama loved to take Dolcenero, the sweet chocolate, created by Gianni's wife, Nilde.

See the varieties of vincotto?

If you want to get hold of Vincotto, log onto:

Add: Azienda Agricola Calogiuri
Via L. Da Vinci, 12 - 73023 Lizzanello (Le) - Italia

Tel: +39-0832-651729

or simply just search for your country representative who sells Vincotto balsamic vinegar. Great for seasoning, salad, meat, desserts, and many more.

If you are in Malaysia and you want to get hold of Vincotto, you can go to:

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