Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sightseeing in Oria Town, Puglia, Brindisi

12 Sept 2013 - Oria Town in Puglia, Brindisi, Italy. It was mentioned in wikipedia, that Oria is the see city of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oria, and also Oria had one of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe....

What I like about Oria is that almost each castle and church has their signboard and description displayed in front of the building, and explanation in English!

Strabo's palace

We have a handsome strong statue at here.

And it was The Southern Gate of the Acropolis.

Next, a castle which now turned into a higher institute of technology.

This house is full of lucky number 15. if the postman still couldn't find number 15 house number in Oria, I gonna salute the postman.

Stomach growling, heading for a lunch. and stopped by Ristorante Intra Moenia.

Address: Via Castiglione, Oria BR
Phone:0831 817470

If you follow my blog post on all the south italy, Brindisi places, most likely you will keep seeing mussels, seafood, and Orecchiette pasta. Not because we super love the same food, those are the food in the menu from South italy. we will just eat what we order, and we are not really allowed to change other pasta or meat preferences. Chef got their says -  it spoilt the cooking.

However, I feel the food was just above average, nothing super 'kaboom' amazing taste.

Chiesa Di San Giovanni Battista

The church is Chiesa Di San Giovanni Battista.

And then lastly, we saw a beautiful garden, look like the back garden of Alice in Wonderland, chasing after the rabbit with the clock!

It seems the Oria website have full information:

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