Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ostuni in Brindisi, as white as snow

Marika, me, and Federico

10 Sept 2013 - After our marriage function, we decided to go for a short honeymoon holiday at south Italy. 3 of us - me, Federico, and Marika, his sister took a flight, reached the airport, and simply just rent a car, and it was good to rent a car at there. you can get the car rental services near to the airport.

Our 1st city stop - Ostuni, Citta Bianca, which means the white city. If you love white colour, this is totally your city.

Full of small alleys, narrow staircase, bright white buildings, and small quiet city.

See the remaining underground architecture during the Roman Empire?

We always enjoyed seeing the church architecture building, it is amazing to see how wonders human can do in the old centuries.

Someone feel like to pose as a bicycle model.

White, white and white!

We decided to stay over in this resort, not far away from Ostuni - Citta Bianca Resort, big, similar price with the smaller motel in the city, and quiet.

It is a 4 stars hotel, and it is really spacious. I even do my casual workout and jogging early in the morning.

Address: SP 17 km 4, Vallegna, Ostuni BR
Phone:0831 301123

citta bianca resort

In the evening, we went back to the city and have a well fine dinner in this restaurant - Ristorante Chiazza Cuverta

Address: Via.Scalinata Don Elio Antelmi 16, 72017 Ostuni BR
Phone:0831 305738

The host came to recommend some of their signature seafood dishes.

I enjoyed all the seafood...however....the clams and Orecchiette pasta was just okay for me.

And then, we saw a couple speaking in English leaving the restaurant, saying that this food are not what they wanted. The wine and all the dishes were just served to them. The chef was so pissed off, that he shouted to himself in the kitchen. Well, I won't say it was that terrible, but I did enjoyed eating all the seafood dishes.

The next morning, we passed by lots of olive trees.

And decided to stop by at this awesome beach - Torre Pozzella

Do you know what is this? You are taking this every day - SALT! Well, least I saw salt by the sea.

So many people enjoying the suntan and the sea water. However, it has limited space area for people to rest.

I became a temporary mermaid, I just arrived the seashore!

Ciao, next stop will be next posting....
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