Friday, September 4, 2015

My ZALORA Online Shopping Experience (review and promo code)

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4 Sept 2015 - All the while, online shopping is not my favorite thing to do. Why? I prefer to see the physical items in the shop and to make sure it is in good condition. But ever since after having a baby, I have been so busy with motherhood life, and taking baby alone to shopping centre is definitely inconvenient, plus not many people willing to accompany a mommy and baby to go shopping, because you will need to stop a while, or take a break to feed baby, hug baby, or when baby wants to sleep, and the list goes on.

And then, I was inspired by one of my friend, J, who is expert in online shopping: ways to compare price, which online website is good, how to get promotion code, how to get cheaper price, etc.

And then I was thinking, hmmm, shopping online and going to shopping centres to enjoy discount might be just around the same price. Well, after calculating and comparing, and surprisingly, in online shopping website, probably you will worrying about the courier delivery charges, especially when your items are heavy, but overall, if you search for discount/ promo/ referral code, you might get quite a great deal! and most importantly, you do not need to waste your time, petrol, money, effort to purposely go to shopping centre to buy stuff. 

A piece of advice will be if let's say you already have experience in the related online retail shop, or if you have already know which brand and what products that you will always buy, probably you can just go for it.

If you have doubts in the clothes/ shoes sizes, the goods condition, or you are not sure how good the online shopping website was, just google and ask for review of that website.

Okay, this time, I am gonna shop for men's wallet, and I found this classic SWISS POLO Leather Bifold Wallet from, Why do I choose Zalora as my preferred online fashion website? simply because I can see their effort, and trust the brands from their website. I would buy those brands from Zalora just because I know they are genuine, and not simply some unknown fake brands.

And what I like about Zalora is: 

They allow 30 days free return, with no questions asked, free delivery above RM75, and they allow even cash on delivery, how nice! Now, I will guarantee there so far, I do not see even normal physical retail shops allow you to return the products and refund the money back to you. However, Zalora did made such effort to guarantee you, making us feel secure and safe,

Okay, back to my shopping mode. So, I would see how efficient and trustworthy Zalora could be.
First their website layout is nice and clean, easy to search for the things that I want, and they display attractive banner ads to made you click on it to find out more.

Displaying top discount offers at the top is always a bonus. And so, I made my purchase order, and guess how long I have to wait for my product to be delivered to me?

Within 1 day, awesome! Which mean I ordered the wallet yesterday, and I received it by today!

Well, can't say online shopping is no fun! Happy shopping! Well, next question: Will the receiver be happy with the wallet? If not, I got to refund the wallet back to Zalora! Oops...

By the way, just got to know Zalora is now offering my readers a 15% off from your online shopping spree. Just go to Zalora Website and key in promo code ZBAPQFA6 to enjoy the discount, hooray! (1st-time user only)


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