Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mini Tapas Treat in Ristorante Al Vecchio Frantoio, San Michele Salentino

11 September 2013- so, our trip in South Italy is simply tasting different food apart from Venice.

Probably one of my favourite stop - Ristorante Al Vecchio Frantoio in San Michele Salentino

Add: Diaz 8, San Michele Salentino, Italy

Tel: 3479433584

There were so many choices in the menu, we couldn't decide what to choose. The waiter then suggested to ask the kitchen to do all mini tapas antipasti for us, so we can try all kind of tapas food, how nice!

A truly trulli restaurant again!

And you can count how many antipasti and tapas we ordered, I mean it is crazy, but we finished ALL!

My favourite soft cheese - burrata and ricotta

We ordered octopus, again!

some fried finger food, crunch, crunch!


and bellisimo, superb...small portions and we ordered almost 10 kinds of different food.

If you are here, I would recommend you to go for this restaurant, as we were recommended by the locals as well.

Next, it will be amazing place that we were staying, tata!

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