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Lecce - Patria Palace, Cartapesta, La Torre di Merlino

14 Sept 2013- Lecce, the beautiful and also a busy town among all the towns that i have been in this trip, and let me count, alright, we have visited 8 towns in 5 days, and each town giving its unique baroque architecture buildings, and fun tourism.

Lecce is one important town in Apulia/Puglia, especially it gives you lots of more historial architecture confection of palaces and churches.

This is a good website info about Lecce tourism -

Gianni had arranged this beautiful fine hotel for us to stay - Hotel Patria Palace Lecce - MGallery Collection. it is a 5-star hotel, and yes, I agreed no more. Piazzetta Riccardi, 13, 73100 Lecce LE
Phone:0832 245111

Comfortable hotel bedroom is ready for me!

After settling down, we made a tour in Lecce.

1st stop was Basilica Di S. Croce, a baroque church, completed in 1695.

Basilica di Santa Croce
Add: Via Umberto I, 3, 73100 Lecce LE
Tel: 0832 241957

Next, we took a brisk walk into the Lecce garden, where we can see lots of statues.

Gianni and wife, Nilde brought us to Enogastronomia Povero in Lecce.

Add: Via Rubichi 4, Lecce, Italy
Tel: +39 333 456 7892

*However, the facebook is not active at all. And when I googled, it direct me to another cake shop name, funny.

And so, we sat down, and Gianni and the host suggested good food as per below:

Buratta cheese

Pasta, but I remembered that I don't really like this.

La Parmigiana e Melanzane - delicious eggplants with tomato, mozzarella & parmesan cheese

Now, this one...oh my god...seeing this, make me feel scared to eat cheese....see so many cheeses for you to choose!

We took a group photo together.

Standing tall is Colonna Di S. Oronzo, saying hello to us, 29 meters away from us.
Anfiteatro Romano/ Roman Amphitheatre
Address: Piazza Sant'Oronzo, Lecce LE

Lots of people lock their love in Lecce, aiks, if only I could join the fun as well...but we were rushing....well, guess I can only play with the lock back at home, boring...

At the same time, Lecce is having a grand Pope event in the church.

We managed to see Porta Napoli, a monument located in Piazzetta Arco di Trionfo, Lecce LE. See how big the door was?

Choo come the cute tour train....

I like this 'la Casa dell Artiaianato Leccese' shop, as Lecce is famous with all the clay doll and arts.

Lecce is famous with doing all this handmade paper-marche souvenirs.

Bought myself a lovely pair of earrings, made of light papers!

And we stopped by La Torre di Merlino for our dinner. I tell you this place is full, packed with people, and everyone don't mind waiting for the food.

Saw people rated 4 stars out of 5 from the internet, this shows how great the food was.
Address: Via Giambattista del Tufo, 10, 73100 Lecce LE
Phone:0832 242091

Creamy seafood pasta for me, I was a fish and vegetable girl at that time.

Hey, margerita pizza, tomato and cheese as topping.

We also ordered bacon pizza.

It was a super delicious dinner!
After the dinner, we took a long romantic night walk in the city of Lecce....amazing....
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