Friday, September 25, 2015

Experience the Countryside Life with Sara in Nervesa della Battaglia, Italy

Nervesa della Battaglia is a city in Treviso, Veneto, located about 45km north of Venice. My husband's sister, Sara Michieletto owns a farm house.

If you are aiming for a total city get-away, and a real countryside agricultural adventure, this will be a good life experience for you. You can choose to only just to pay a visit, or you can get to experience how to work in the farm, or simply just enjoying the sunset and food together with the spontaneous family. They can speak basic English, so communication is not a barrier after all.

Meet the Sara and Marco Manzan family

Sara is a fantastic cook, as she always cook for the church and sometimes for some events. She used to be a restaurant chef until she now becomes a full time housewife, taking good cafe of 4 children, with a wonderful husband, Marco Manzan.

Sunset-view from the house.

Massimiliano was milking the cow, and asked me to try too. I was so scared of the cow kicking me away, so I dare not try.

Hello, little calf.

Chicken out, running dogs running freely as well.

Mehhhhhhhhhhhhh...goaty goats.

Snow White rabbits.

Donkeys waiting for you to feed them.

On the other hand....

So, this time round, Marco was helping his friend to roast a super big pig for some private function.

Vine is like a maze in a huge garden.

And walking further, you will be able to see this - Abbazia di Sant Eustachio.
The remaining monuments founded by Raimbaut III in 1062.

Found a video for close up of Abbazia di Sant Eustachio

If you like historical stories, you will be able to see also the big deep hole, a result of the bombing happening in World War 1. sorry, don't have the photo, you gotta see it live.....

Az.Ag. "Abbazia di S. Eustachio" di Michieletto Sara
Address: Via Ossario, 18, 31040 Nervesa della Battaglia TV
Phone:0422 178 4893

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