Friday, September 25, 2015

Alberobello - Trullo Sovrano and Ristorante Miseria e Nobiltà

13 Sept 2013- Alberobello, this is definitely a great town to stop by. We managed to go to Trullo museum - Trullo Sovrano

Trullo Sovrano

Address: Piazza Sacramento, 10, 70011 Alberobello BA
Phone:080 432 6030

The trullo that we visited, it seems that it is the only trullo that has 2 floors while the others are only 1 -floor build up.

And this tiny little trullo house, you can see how is small each space it is.

the kitchen area.

Living room

sewing / knitting machine

storage/ store room


The only upper room area to go the rooftop I think, hide and seek?

And there is lots of souvenirs, postcards of trullo or Alberobello for sale at the main entrance.

Very beautiful church in Alberobello.

A closer look on how the bricks were used to build a Trullo.

See? All trulli situated along the roads.

Least this one is so beautiful, flowers on the stairs.

Finally, we meet Gianni Calogiuri from Vincotto. He brought us to Ristorante Miseria e Nobiltà.
Specialized in traditional food, awarded by Gambero Rosso as one of the best bar restaurant in Italy, and you can get to buy Apulia typical recipes from their E-commerce website:

Address: Piazza del Popolo, 28/29, 70011 Alberobello BA
Phone:080 432 4082

I like their layout, as they offer bar, and restaurant area.

And so, here comes all the delicious food again!

Grilled fish

Juicy beef, half raw.

And a little treat for me because it was my birthday on that day.

Now, I wonder, how many town did I went on this Southern Italy trip? Okay, counting later!

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