Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Traditional Chinese Medicine/ Tit Tar Treatment for Sports Injury, Muscle Sprains and Strain

25 Aug 2015 - Today I want to blog about a Chinese doctor/ tit tar who had helped me and some of my friends  recovered from our sports injury, body posture problem, muscle sprains, muscle strains, and also muscle cramp.

Normally, if you go to the specialist or general clinic, doctors will just prescribe you antibiotics, anti-inflammation medicine, or just steroids for you to kill off your pain, temporary.

This Chinese doctor/ tit tar name is Mei Hwa. She is good in detecting your injury area, massage it, and then apply traditional Chinese medicine for 6 hours. Once you remove the herbs, you are not allowed to have water contact on the affected area in 1 hour time. You will also need to follow on a strict diet as well, so that you can recover faster.

I was injured and I keep on had a cramp on my elbow area, probably due to doing some heavy workout in the gym last week.

So I went to look for Mei Hwa again.

the chinese herbs

Prohibits, food that you cannot take:

You can find Mei Hwa at +6012-3251200. Please call before going, prefer based on appointment to see if she is there.

Her treatment centre is at:

Chee Kim Tong Pugilistic and Health Society, 9, Jalan Sungai Buaya, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Take note: Please look for Mei Hwa, the only female doctor at there. there are 2 different clinics at the same area (Two brothers fight, so they opened two different clinics).

Landmark: It is a kungfu association hall in Housing area. Behind Michelin tyre, Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant, or turn left into the small back lane once you see the BHP petrol station.

I was told that the centre was mainly to teach people the power of martial art and to treat people who are injured, to continue the dream of the late Chee Kim Thong (Chinese: 徐金棟; pinyin: Xú Jīndòng; 1920-2001) who was a renowned traditional Shaolin martial arts grandmaster.

If you prefer to read in chinese:

Monday, August 3, 2015

My First Experience using Uber (review and promotion code)

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29 July 2015 - Yeepee, finally I got to go out with my girlfriends, after getting a 'permit' for my mom to take care of my baby.

And we all choose to go to Marini's on 57 as there was the normal Wednesday ladies night with a special theme of singles event - Meet District Part II.

I go to party for fun, not to hunt for guys.

And I saw that there is an Uber promo code for the event. I was thinking, alright, it would be easy for me to give a try on Uber as it wasn't convenient for me to drive to the event that night.

So, I have been asking for comments from my friends in how to use Uber, which is only available in apps. You can only check the basic profiles, general info, and rides history in desktop or mobile versions.

There are 3 types of Uber available in Malaysia, which are UberX (the cheapest), UberBlack (private driver, high-end Sedan) , and UberLux (fine luxury cars).

So here is what I did:

  1. First, I tap to set my pickup location. The app was supported by Google Map, so more or less, it will be quite accurate.
  2. Request your ride and a driver will accept. *Do you know that when you choose your Uber car type, when you touch on the button, there is a table shown with the ETA (estimated time arrival), maximum people the driver can take, estimated fare and the destination that you would like to go? not in my case, I only realize when I am writing this blog, crap, the table should be shown automatically, if possible.
  3. Enter the address of your destination.
  4. Click REQUEST Uber (depending on which type of car you are choosing)
  5. Your driver is on the way within, like 5- 10 minutes!
  6. After pickup, Uber will show you and the driver the route and ETA along the way.

More info:

I was so busy looking for money before getting on the Uber car, only to realize that the transaction is cashless!

I was curious and asked the driver, how much is he earning as a part time Uber driver? And I was shocked! Almost RM 500-600 per week! But of course, you got to have the time, and you have to pump extra petrol to drive customers around, and etc etc.

And when I reach Marini's on 57, the driver reminds me next time for other drivers, remind the drivers to click 'complete trip' button. this is to show that both of us had agreed that the trip is completed, yeepee!

And I have fun in Marini's on 57

Fun at Marini's on 57

Long time no party
I receive my e-receipts from my email the very next day, and followed by asking for review towards the drivers, to help to improvise the services.

Funny experiences

When I enter a current promo code appear in my account, the text shows "This promotion code has already been applied to your account." but in my account, it shows the promo code is still active, and I have not used any promo code before. now, bear in mind, it is my first time using Uber. So, I don't know why such statement is shown. And then, I was left unanswered and lost in navigation.

The app got hanged if you do not decide on the stop. When I exit the app and go in again, it just shows the home screen for very longggggggggg. I waited, waited, and waited. *It evens hanged when I am writing this. I have to restart my whole phone to access into the app again.


You can book as when you are ready to go. Just wait a while like 5-10 minutes for your Uber driver to arrive.

Lots of promo and marketing going on, sometimes even cheaper than Myteksi. And, Uber's promo can be found easier than Myteksi app. I found my promo code when I google 'Uber promo code'. Uber finds the right target to advertise. Last time, I made a complaint to Myteksi, because their blog or promotion code/ deals cannot be searched easily, even in google or their own websites.

The best part is if you order Uber after 12am midnight, NO EXTRA 50% CHARGES like taxis.

Niche and exclusive as the marketing team would create special promos/ offers with the event organizers.

Nice, Uber allows you to split fares with other riders, if they happen to agree to go to the same destination, of course.

Cashless, Uber charges the bill in your credit card.


Didn't write out what is the difference between different car types as it only shows very simple words for the Uber cars, should have 1 simple sentence to describe the difference of each car on top of the car types.

You cannot pre-book your transport. So, if you are someone who always like to plan ahead, probably you will prefer to use Myteksi.

You need to have a credit/ debit card to enjoy Uber, as it is in cashless terms.

No matter how strict Uber community check on a driver's personal info, sometimes shit happens. At least, those licensed taxi drivers got records from the government registration office.

Suggestion for Uber

Probably for a lady like me, would feel unsafe if the driver is a guy. Hopefully you can allow us to choose female/ male driver. I would choose Uber first because they always have promo, and if I can't get any Uber driver, only I switch to MyTeksi.

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Alright, time to share good deals with you! If you sign up at Uber under my invitation: or simply enter jessicao1606ue in the promo code box, and you will get RM20 off on your first Uber ride. *for new sign up users.

Have fun riding with Uber - Your Ride, On Demand


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