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The most suitable food for baby 6 till 12 months old

Okay, the stories go like this. I was attending a gathering when I saw a couple (parents) feeding their 6 months old baby, cooked mushroom soup from the kitchen. My eyes were like, what the h***? 

Don't they know babies shouldn't be taking up any salt, sugar, and oil at such a young age? The worst part is mushroom is a highly allergic food for baby. Babies shouldn't be eating outside food, unless there are special complication cases, probably after consulting your doctors.

And to my shock, the parents told me proudly: "you see, my baby is eating whatever we are feeding her." Omg, excuse me, your baby will definitely open her mouth to whatever food that you give her! And you are her parents! 

Even if you are not sure, perhaps you should ask for advice when you go and see your pediatrician doctor? or you have internet and a smart phone, probably you can just Google it?

Please, don't tell me the mother or grandmother, or the in-laws feed the same crap when we are young...we tend to be advanced with technology, and god knows how safe are the food we are eating... and be it is an angel or devil, most of the food nowadays are not really 100% safe, YES, even baby food!

This is a very good baby community: http://community.babycentre.co.uk/

Sighed, but I cannot tell upfront that they are wrong. Sensitive and offensive, you know?

Therefore, I had scanned and post the leaflets below that I got it from my paed doctor:

To those who are worried why do most babies get eczema, perhaps this is the reason why, but not to worry, the babies will outgrow this. This data shows that even both parents have no allergies, your baby will have 5-15% risk having allergy.

Dietary guidelines to help to protect against allergy:

Exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months are important. Do not feed solid food to baby less than 6 months old, unless approved by paed doctor.

Add only one food per week, so that food that is not well tolerated can be recognised and be removed.

  • Food that are least allergic (to be introduced from 6 months): rice, pear, prunes, carrot, apple
  • Food that are usually well-tolerated, but occasionally cause allergic reactions  (to be introduced from 6 months): barley, apricot, beef, wheat, plum, spinach, cabbage, oat, banana, chicken, peach, broccoli, lamb, turnip, potato, cherry, cherry, corn
  • food that are most likely to cause allergic (to be introduced from 9 months): berries, egg yolk, legumes, fish
  • food that are highly allergic (to be introduced from 12 months): seafood, peanuts, egg white

Recipe for 6-7 months old: Instant rice cereal, cooked pureed green/ dark green vegetables, carrots, spinach, potato, sweet potato, mashed peas, tofu, beans

Recipe for 8-9 months old: fish porridge, mixed grain cereals, oats, baby biscuits, toasted bread (I read that if we feed normal bread directly to babies, it might cause choking), cooked chopped vegetables, carrot, spinach, leafy vegetables, flaked boneless fish, mashed tofu, beans, finely minced liver, red meat

Recipe for 10-12 months old: Rice, cereals, mee hoon, porridge with chopped/ mashed lean red meat, chicken, fish, bread/ toast or baby biscuits; cooked, chopped vegetables (broccoli, celery, french beans, leafy vegetables), cooked beans, peas, tofu, lentils, finely chopped chicken, pork, beef, mutton

Some other tips:

  • No salt, sugar, and oil for baby food till baby reach 1 year old. Babies need only 0.4 g sodium a day, where they can get the sodium from breast/ formula milk amount of salt: less than 1g (0.4g sodium) a day until they are 12 months old. Your baby's kidneys can't cope with more salt, sugar and oil at such a young age.

    When can babies start eating adult food on the table like us? My paed doctor recommends wait till baby is 1.5 - 2 years old. Even if you want to feed baby outside food, limit the sodium intake, try not to add salt.
  • Some people believe adding cereal with milk in milk bottle to feed babies can make them feel fuller. This is wrong. If you are feeding babies a full bottle of milk, don't mix your cereal/ solid food to assume this could make baby fuller, especially if you are using milk bottle. Solid food is meant to train baby to eat solid food, not to make them become fuller before sleeping. And sucking the cereal in milk bottle, will it affect the teat or affect the baby teeth? think about it.
  • Recommended to feed formula/ breast milk to baby till 2 years old to get all the nutrition needed.
  • Make sure all food given to babies are fully cooked! I did tried feed baby some scrambled eggs one day outside the cafe, turned out my baby get diarrhea and poo poo watery. Suspect the eggs wasn't 100% cooked.
  • Although we practice to give baby solid food, this food diet plan could be different for babies. Sometimes, it depends on your baby growing teeth, the more teeth he has, the more capable baby can learn to bite or chew. Therefore, do not 100% stick on the food diet based on the age of your babies ONLY. for example, when your baby has no teeth, prefer to make sure all food are in puree form; when your baby start growing one teeth and more, slowly start to make the food less puree, more tiny chopped food, so that babies learn how to chew, bite, swallow.
  • Do not give honey until baby reach 1 year old. Honey may contain certain spores that can cause botulism in babies.
  • Do not give regular cow's milk (not even the fresh milk) or regular yogurt until your baby is 1 year old and above. Unless the product has been mentioned safe to eat for baby, cow milk and yogurt are totally different from the formula milk or breast milk, they do not contain the nutrition that infants need.
  • No tomato and oranges till 1 year old and above, most probably these 2 fruits and vegetables contain high acidic contents, that might upset your little baby tiny stomach.
  • there are fruit blenders that keeping only the juice, but separating the fiber. This is not ideal for babies and even for us actually. It is good to eat the fruits juice and fiber together. Drinking only the juice will have high sugar and/or sweetener content, causing tooth decay.

Some fun facts:

Your baby just don't finish the milk from the bottle? Done force, try twisting the bottle in at left or right direction as your baby is drinking the bottle, your baby will finish the milk!

Do you have other tips that you want to share? Please drop a comment below, cheers!


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