Monday, July 27, 2015

How to get rid of mosquito and moisture using natural and effective way

Right now, I am staying in a housing on the hill, where my surroundings are full of mosquitoes and the surrounding was always damp.

I remember moving in the first 3 months, and as I am afraid of mosquitoes and dengue, I always close up my doors and windows, ending up there are lots of moisture in my house, and I noticed clothes and things in drawers start to grow moulds. I start to worry as this will affect our family health.

Instead of buying tonnes of dehumidifiers (Thirsty hippos) or air refreshers. I decided to use the most economical, most natural and most effective way to get rid of the moisture, moulds, and to get rid of the mosquitoes in my housing area.

Ways to get rid of mosquito and dampness within housing area:

lemongrass plant
Plant lemongrass in your surrounding. We have tried, it seems working. Instead of spraying those mosquito repellent that might endangered our health, why don't try to plant some lemongrass and place it in your housing area?

Electric mosquito repellent - this is better than those insect spray.


Charcoal - this one is a big saver for me. I buy lots of charcoal, put in one big wine box, and it helps to absorb all the moisture and also gross smell in the house.

pandan leaves

pandan leaves - This one is to get rid of smell. You can place pandan leaves in car, fridge, drawers, wardrobe.


Charcoal/ pomelo/ lemon in fridge - have strong unpleasant smell in your fridge? Turn off the fridge, clean up the fridge a bit, and when you turn it on, place some charcoal/ pomelo/ lemon in the fridge. Smell great!


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