Sunday, May 24, 2015

The true facts between blogger and advertiser

After having some real experiences to collect bloggers’ data and also getting feedback from friends about their thoughts about bloggers, here is what I want to say:

To bloggers:

1. Bloggers, be proud that you are a blogger. No point writing you are the editor on your blog or on your name card, when you are the only one write, proofread, and edits your own stuff! Unless you are taking care of a whole editorial team for your blog, cut that bullshit.

2. “I am a famous blogger. I can just ignore the event invitation or don’t bother to RSVP at all. It is up to me whether want to help you to do marketing or not. Anyway, I don’t need your ‘sponsor’ products/ services to generate traffic to my blog.”

Errrr, hello, do you think you are Brad Pitt? A well known celebrity? Don’t be so snobbish, you never know what’s in the future for you. Learn to RESPECT. And please, if you don’t like it, reject the offer politely. You must be a joke still thinking you are the only top blogger in the world.

3. “Well, I just copy and paste the whole press release at my blog.”

Dumb, this is real dumb. So what is the point having you to do the blog? Might as well, the advertiser created few blogs and copy paste the whole thing? Tsk.

To advertisers:

1. You must be thinking most of us are blogging is just to past our own free time. I would say yes, but not 100% all of them. Some people really blog for a living, and please do appreciate the time of a blogger spend to help you with digital internet marketing.

2. “Huh, you mean the blogger was being paid? Which means their reviews and contents are fake!”

Eh, hello? Advertisers, so is it okay if you pay me, and I badmouth about your products and services?

3. Why should I pay the bloggers?

I mean, some of us are full time bloggers, you know? If you are looking for digital internet marketing, bloggers help you to advertise or write SEO contents. Or else, go back to your expensive traditional media like magazine, newspaper, radio, tv then. I mean, do you think those traditional media doesn’t have their website to sell you advertisement section? A blog can be treated as website, it is all depends on the traffic view, and the layout. Take it or leave it.

Advice: just respect each other. Be it a win-win situation for both parties – the bloggers and advertisers. Look for quantity and quality of the blog.

If you want to know how much you should pay to a blogger:


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