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Easy and direct ways to earn money online

I understand almost most of us do have a blog, and we know that the more you write articles especially about sharing or lifestyle, more people will check out your blogs. 

Now, I also know that most of the PR digital marketing agency will ask you to blog about articles with their brands/ products being credit-mentioned in the posting, or they might be interested to advertise at your blog/ website directly.

I was just wondering, how to make money in more simplified way?

Plus, in my case, most of my elderly relatives are getting old, and even if they want to work, who will hire them right? Not everyone enjoy meeting people and to talk about direct sales, MLM, and insurance.

So, I went to do some simple research by asking those experiences social bloggers, and here are some source links:

For bloggers:

Affiliates program - Paid only when people BUY products using your referral code/link. Well, I guess if you do not blog, as long as it shows the links/ the unique code somewhere in your social media profile, it should be okay. It really depends on how you showcase your referral link.

Here is the world top affiliates program: http://mthink.com/top-20-affiliate-networks-2015/

*I display only the top ten affiliates program*

1) Rakuten Linkshare linkshare.com
A close competition between Rakuten LinkShare and CJ as always, but the quality of LinkShare’s advertiser support is hard to ignore.

2) CJ by Conversant cj.com
CJ is felt by some to have a technology lead over their competition and is a little more popular with publishers. A very popular professional network.

3) Amazon affiliate-program.amazon.com
The industry entry-point for many publishers. Ease of use and broad product offerings make it simple.

4) Avangate avangate.com
An impressive jump in the rankings resulting from very strong support from their vibrant publisher community.

5) ebay Partner Network ebaypartnernetwork.com
The absorption of Pepperjam and the bigger, stronger eBay Partner Network is extremely well-liked by publishers.

6) ClickBank clickbank.com
Still huge even as they have had to evolve with the changing rules on promotions and disclosures. Massively popular with entry-level merchants.

7) ShareASale shareasale.com
Simple, direct and lots of fun interesting categories that might be linked with you.

8) FlexOffers flexoffers.com
FlexOffers is a network comprised of skilled online publishers with full compliance monitoring for advertisers within a multitude of product verticals.

9) Revenue Wire revenuewire.com
A terrific jump in the rankings from last year shows the great reputation that this Canadian network has built for itself.

10)AvantLink avantlink.com
Stable professionally operated and a great business model. Very popular with the advertisers in our survey. What more could anyone want?

Asia/ Malaysia, or others affiliates program: http://www.malaysiaworkathome.com/affiliate-programs/
  • Nuffnang Malaysia – Malaysia blog advertising network for Malaysians bloggers.
  • Shopstylers - ShopStylers was established in 2014 with the goal of connecting reputable merchants to large scale publishers and vice versa, but most of the programs are more for fashion websites, and I feel that it is quite complicated.
  • Global Chinese Affiliate Network – A lot of offers for Asians. Payment via paypal

Get contacted by advertisers to display advertising ads via blog posting, or banner ads in your blog.

"Basically, PPC also called CPC is depending on which side you from. PPC (pay per click) is for publisher on how much they get paid per click while CPC (cost per click) is how much the advertiser have to pay per click. So technically is the same. There are other models too such as CPA, Cost per acquisition (you may google it) or CPS Cost Per Sale(mainly used by affiliate networks) means for every user you direct to the advertiser site and the user purchased something, you get a certain commission from the total sale.End of the day, it is depending on the advertiser on what model they want to use to suit their objective."

*I think the market price nowadays is around RM 0.20 - 0.60 per click.
*Seeing this make me so confused, if me, I prefer to charge monthly maintenance fee to the advertisers, save hassle.

For non-bloggers:

Besides that, to those who doesn't have a blog/ website, not to worry. I found some other ways to earn money online. the websites look 'safe' and doesn't look like a scam for me:


simply google search 'work from home' but just be careful if it's a scam or when they ask you for personal info. sometimes, i even googled the person contact, name, email...just to check if he/ she is a scammer!

Suspect it's a scam:

These are some websites that has been suspended in Facebook: "It looks like a link that you're sharing might be unsafe. Please remove this link"


With so many choices to make money online, will you go for all?

Well, for me, maybe I will just select 5 websites and see how it goes. Or, if you feel that some of the affiliates program/ advertising topics doesn't really interest you, maybe you can google for 'affiliates program', followed by your topic of interest? for example, if you like beauty topic, you can google search 'affiliates program beauty'.

there are other ways like for example, you need to earn points, and redeem some voucher or cash once you have sufficient points in your account. for me, I prefer direct cash, simple, easy, and straightforward.

I mean, some of the amount might look little for you. but who knows, you can make more as you contribute more.

Special thanks to Isabel Lee and Andrew Tai for helping me for the explanation!

I copy the info, just in case the website url link is 'missing in action' one day!
Oh ya, if you found any real genuine (not scam) website links to earn extra income, please do share with me, either via comment or leave a message, and I shall share your info to others.

Hope it helps!


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