Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Baby Model - Giacomo

Giacomo is so cute, that I decided to send him for model casting.

*evil laugh* especially when the mother is the one who is the agent, LOLZ!

Born: August 2014
Race: Caucasian/ Eurasian (Italian mix with Chinese)
eyes and hair: brown black
Gender: male
Weight and height: to be updated according to the latest period of time.
Email: piggy091385(a) if there is any baby modeling job!

1 Year old

Nov 2015 - Anmum digital Ad

June 2015 - Giacomo won baby contest

June 2015 - 

May 2015 -
Giacomo in video casting job from MITI for The Malaysian Pavilion at the World Expo in Milan 

Time: 2:02- 2:07

10 months old -

7 months old - 

5 months old

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