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The Love Story of marriage proposal by Suki Jezz

The Story of love and marriage proposal

After years of searching for love and the one, finally I had met my lovely partner, Mr Federico. Thinking where to start our love story, Hmmm, as usually we are low profile, asides being more personal in our own Facebook.

June 2011 - I started off by…kind of, asking him out for a date, I like to be spontaneous, or should I say it doesn’t matter who made the first move. It is better one started to do something, instead waiting for others to make the move.

Anyway, after a quick dinner at Alexis, we went for a lovely Kungfu Panda 2 movie at the Gardens shopping centre.

Our matchmaker

 I was laughing so loud watching the cartoon that I had almost forgot he was next to me. Oops, where is my ‘elegant’ style in front of my date? For me, I choose to be who I am and I would love to see the same thing from my partner. Well, maybe the first few dates just to get each other attention, but later on, when relationship works, try to be yourself yet be considerate by welcoming your new life partner. Who is most important in your life? The answer is there is no position or status. It is the life balance to ensure your own happiness in your lifetime.

Surprisingly, we just started dating soon after that. Without any agreement, we just hold hands and start to fall in love with each other.

If you asked me what is the differences to date someone different from our own races? I will tell you, it is not about where you were born, it is the love chemistry and the heart. That’s it. And for those who always expect to be yourself to be perfect, you always give or listen to empty promises, or if you willing to change to make your partner happy, trust me, the relationship won’t last long.

Okay, this is when I started to ask him, thoughts of building a family, and to plan our future and finances. You know, you have to talk this kind of stuff with your partner, so that both of you understand what kind of future you will have. It is nothing to be afraid of, just discuss together all these important matters.

We dress up Uggy, my softtoy from Malacca

20 Dec 2012– I was invited by Ms Ginny to have a dinner with this mystery guy at Marini’s on 57. http://www.marinis57.com/

She told me this guy is a food critic and he needs her and another companion to join him for dinner. Well, I went for the dinner, and end up, the ‘guy’ didn’t show up. So I had the dinner session with Ginny, while Federico came and dined with us for a short while, before rushing back to the kitchen to settle others dinner of the night. (He works at Marini’s on 57). Later on, Chef Daniele, a good friend of Federico, came to join me for dinner as well. They were always kind as they want to make sure everything was alright and the services was good.

Suddenly, Daniele took his camera and stood up. Everyone looked at the back, so I turned my head to see what’s going on. Federico changed from his chef uniform into a proper evening attire, holding a bouquet of flower, came towards to me. What is happening?

Federico knelt down in front of me, saying that he gave a long thought and want to build a family with me. My mind was so blank as he kept on talk how lovely I was, and lastly he asked me: “would you like to be my wife?” Guess what I had answered: “Err…okay, ya?” Ginny giggled: “so it is a YES or what?” so that was when I laughed back, of course it is a YES!

Marriage proposal 20.12.2012

Federico was nervous till the host reminded him: “chef, the ring!” ha ha, then only he put the engagement ring onto my finger…awww…lovely…

Oh ya, he told me he chosen 20 December 2012, (20.12.2012) as too many people might have chosen others dates such as date of 22, or Date 31.


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Suki Jezz

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