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Regata Storica (Historic Regatta) Event 2013 in Venice, Italy

 Regata Storica (Historic Regatta) Event 2013 in Venice, Italy

1 September 2013 - Every time I travel to another country, I will try to see if there is any festival nearby where I can celebrate with the locals together. It will be great to get to watch a festival where cannot be found elsewhere, but only in that city or country.

During my trip to Venice this time, I managed to check out Regata Storica (Historic Regatta), the famous gondola race along the Grand Canal, one of the major water-traffic corridors in Venice.


These rowing races on the Grand Canal commemorate the welcome given by the King and Queen in their full costumes, followed by a parade of boats, all well-dressed in 16th century costume.

Grand opening commemorate the welcome by the king...

Grand opening commemorate the welcome by the king and queen...

Nice decorative boat

After that, the gondola rowing races began. There are different competitions take place within the Regata Storica: the champions regatta in "gondolini", the regatta in "caorline", the women's regatta in "mascarete", the young rowers' regatta in "pupparini".

Hot masculine men team

Go go, pink ladies, girl power!

To show how strong the women row the boat...row, row, row your boat...

All of them show their full spirit and energy to complete the contest, and of course all we can do are cheered as loud as possible to show our support to each team.

In Venice, what should we eat? city in the sea, so it is definitely seafood!

just simple,,,grill or broil...drain, put in lemon and some herbs will do all the magic!

dark inked squid pasta

fresh lemon fish

various cheeses for you to select

And of course, we wouldn’t miss out the chance to explore the Venice city.

Taking the train from mogliano veneto

beautiful buildings not to be missed in Venice...

In Venice, you can either walk, ride a bicycle, or take their water transport taxi, ferry, or gondola.

Tourists in gondola

Water taxi/ ferry

My I wish...

I managed to check out a glass art exhibition, and oh my! Beautiful and artistic as they are…

This masterpiece of glass...

glass exhibition

so as some of the churches and the surroundings...not to miss out the symbol of Venice...and the symbol of the sea...

Notice the symbol of Venice, the lion with wings?

The birds are thirsty...


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