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Suki Jezz holiday in Thailand – Day 4 Pampering services

My first holiday trip in Thailand – Day 4 Pampering services

7 Jan 2013 - So, last day in Thailand. Sob, sob… Going to miss it here! As this is a total retreat holiday, I decided to go for a top-to-toe services. Let’s check out what kind of services that I will be having…

We walked around the Patong area, and passed by this beautiful resort - The Sea Patong. It was too beautiful, that I went inside just to have a look.

There you go.

The Sea Patong, ohh la la!

Pass by Arroi Restaurant at Patong:

Surrounding of Arroi

I mean, the food wasn’t that bad. The surrounding was clean, and they have sexy signboards and sexy ladies glasses to lure us in. Haha!


Sexy lady glasses, slurp!

Fried egg

Fresh egg salad

Fried vegetables

This is awesome, tomyam!

 Guess Daniele was happy because he has a funky long hair style by stealing real hair ‘wig’ from Federico!

Daniele has hair!

Just the three of us...

As Federico went to search for his own massage service near the beach, I walked around searching for mine.

So I found this shop - Orange Massage Shop, where the staffs wore orange uniform. They offer everything, pedicure, manicure, hair beading, and massages. So I tried all at once, spending (200-300 thai bhat) for pedicure and manicure, and additional (200-300 thai bhat) for foot massage.

Orange Massage Shop, 100/4, Taveewong Road, Soi Post Office, Patong Beach, Phuket 83150
Contact: Nancy +66 84-7186035, Office number: 076-342-195

My advice: please do not follow what I do, why? Because I believe that one-stop service doesn’t mean they are good in everything. Turned out their massage service are just normal, and Federico told me the outdoor massage nearby the seaside, which was done by an aunty, was so good! Darn, miss the good massage services.

Massage and hair beading at the same time...

Anyway, it must be a pity to do hair beading for me. Guess how long does it take to do my humongous curly hair? Almost 3 hours! Two ladies staff came over to do my hair beading and felt so tired. Pity them! Well, this is how I looked at the end:

African Chinese girl with purple fingernails and toenails. Yo yo yo!

I kept my hair beading for a few days when I was back in Malaysia, just wash my hair as usual with the whole hair beading ‘decoration’.

And after a few days, I started to scratch my head like thousands of louse crawling in my head, it took 2 hours with my help of my mom and myself to remove all the hair beads. It turned out a disaster of hair damage. Hmm, now I wonder, how did the African keep their hair beading?


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