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Carlsberg – Where’s the Party 2013 Serdang, Malaysia

Carlsberg – Where’s the Party 2013 Serdang, Malaysia

Carlsberg - Where's the Party 2013, Serdang

6 July 2013 – well, here comes the second trip for me to Carlsberg - Where’s the Party 2013. All have to do is to enter its contest organized by Carlsberg or its authorized party organizers, http://www.where-is-the-party.com/

And you stand a chance to enter the party for free! Well,actually, there are no charges occurred, but we need the free pass to go to join the party. In other words, to get the free pass, you need to put in some effort and time to get the passes. No such thing as free stuff without doing anything, okay?

This time round, the 2013 party is held at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS) Area, Serdang.


Bad luck, the GPS lead me and my friend to Puchong instead! Crap! Spend another 30-40 minutes, only able to locate this MAEPS, and found out that only certain door entrance are open for the party goers. I don’t think this is the most ideal place to party as it is quite outskirt from the city area.

After round and round, and trying some luck to follow some of the cars, we finally found the entrance to go to the party at 7pm.

We hopped on a funky bus, which lead us to the main entrance, giving our ID number, get the passes, and here we go!

The bus to bring us to the party entrance
Here comes the passes!

Heading to the 'airport'

Wonder what they have for us this time? Their concept is airport theme. I supposed with its metal detector entrance area, and having departures and arrival hall area for the party.


gotcha if you have metal?!

sweet lady at the metal detector area

The organizers prepare lots of games, massage services, food and of course, unlimited Carlsberg drinks.


airplane games

party organizers

sexy guys with fake boobs!

Enter into the hall, and here we go! Loud music, disco lights, emcee and deejay in the house!

Party hall

I and David


As usual, Korean girls band...

Crowded I will say. Found some bikini girls and guys in the ‘airport’? Errr….Hello, we are not in the beach.

But to be frank, I get a little bit bored as it is not as fun as the 2012 Carlsberg party, or maybe it is too near, at KL!

Haha, anyway, at 9pm, I went to give a try to play a game, and the challenge was: find a girl, and switch your clothes with her! Of course, all the guys cheer, but we were too shy, so we hid behind some pillars, exchange our clothes, and came back to the booth. Ha ha, luckily, the game organizer said we considered complete the challenge and we get simple door gifts! Yeepee….

Yes, we exchange our tops!


Most of the people started to leave the area even before midnight, so was I. As we walked out from the party scene, we were tempted by all the ‘lok lok’ stalls. Almost 20 stalls were available, and everyone just stopped by to munch on the ‘lok lok’ food. If you do not know what is ‘lok lok’, it is all kinds of vegetables, or meats that are prepared and using skewers stick to hold the food together.

You may choose to boil or grill it at the ‘lok lok’ van or stalls, whereby it is similar to our traditional satay, just with various selection.

After having our snack during supper time, we took the bus back to our car. The funniest part was I saw a guy lying face down next to a Kenari car, and he passed out. Pity him, he was alone as well. Guess he will be sleeping there till the next day, letting the hot sunshine to sunburn his body, so that he can wake up! Err….I wanted to take a photo of him, but thinking of that, it is not good after all! Ha ha!

Will I go to this year 2014 Carlsberg party? We shall see……

Party that never ends...


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