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Creative dishes at SKH Riverview Seafood Village at Ampang

Creative dishes at SKH Riverview Seafood Village at Ampang

*Update: Lately I went back to have my dinner on Sept 2015, but the food taste seem change slightly (not in a good way), and the price gone up pretty high. Fish for RM 45, half chicken for RM 35 and vegetables for RM 15-20.

22 April 2014 – After settling down at Ampang for a month, finally we got to explore more food around this area. Want real delicious food at Ampang? It has to be food stalls or open air restaurants. Yeah, no air-conditioned or fine dining what-so-ever.

So instead of wandering around, my brother who worked in Ampang area recommends this nice seafood restaurant at Kuala Ampang – SKH Riverview Seafood Village restaurant. We used to go to Mei Keng Fatt seafood restaurant, but now it is way too expensive, commercialized and surprisingly, the food quality has not been that good as it used to be.

So both of us sat down, observing what other people ordered. One of the bosses (I assume), James sat down and asked: “Would you like to take your order?” First time coming here, we asked for his recommendation. Glancing at two of us, he must be wondering if we can eat more or just a little.

Well, he ordered for us a claypot of Kai Lan vegetables (it is my first time knowing that a chef cooks the green vegetables in claypot, I bet it is more fragrant and delicious!) and yes, it is good indeed.

Oh, seeing an expat makes the locals feel like we have to take roasted meat I guess. James suggested having the roasted pork belly served with preserved salted vegetables. True enough, guess who finish the whole plate of roasted pork belly?

Roasted pork belly

And lastly, a typical steamed fish with fungus and bean curd. (Is it a Talapia fish?) And they cut the fish meat into cubes so that the taste of the sauces absorbed fully into the fish meat.

Steamed fish with fungus and beancurd

 Normally they will give away Gui Ling Gao, one of the famous Chinese herbal jelly, but it is really depends on the supply. And guess what, their tau foo fah, or what we called as soybean pudding in English, are really selling like hot cakes. We were unlucky on that day, as all tau foo fah are sold out.

After one week, I drove to the same restaurant to get the tau foo fah. Lucky for me, they sold two tau foo fah, one with brown sugar, and one with normal sugar syrup, and selling RM 4 each. Really soft and smooth! Worth a drive to there to get it! Oh yeah, their tau foo fah is only available during the weekends and subject to its supply as well.

Tau foo fah

it is black and white tau foo fah

Well, overall, I like their services. The restaurateurs, cashier, managers will address you by your surname, and engage you with their good PR skills, and make you feel like a king in a palace, because I am sure, you will be eating like a king! When I asked them, is there any menu? They just pointed at their brain and said the menu is on their mind. Oh my, what a creative team!

Oh yea, one more thing, it is free parking when you go there for your emperor meal! One more tips, you must pre-order some of their signature dishes, please call before you go there, especially their ‘cold crabs’.

SKH Riverview Seafood Village

6 & 8, Lorong Embun 2, Kuala Ampang, Hulu Kelang, 68000, Ampang, Selangor

GPS: N 03° 10, 113’ E 101° 45, 127’

Business hours: Monday – Sunday, 11:30am – 3pm, 5:30pm – 11:00pm


Tel: 03-42523166, 016-6831111, 0112-9318566

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