Friday, March 8, 2013

Chef Tarek Mouriess with Love in Food and Life

Chef Tarek Mouriess

“Chef, what’s next?”

“Chef, how to cook such a delicious wonderful food? It is unbelievable!”

“Chef, a great function is coming right up, let’s start the challenge!”


From our heartwarming mothers and passing on to the next generation; from a passion in cooking to cooking for the world; from a woman to it had created a mutual agreement that both men and women cook perfectly anywhere in the world, and chef is the one who spreading out love of cooking like a yummy virus, we should thank chefs from all around the world for dedicating their lives to reward us with a remarkable gastronomic journey at all time.

Let zoom into a very unique chef at Fujairah currently. Chef Tarek Mouriess, a humble Executive Chef who is so committed with his job as a chef.

For more than 26 years of proven his success in food services and culinary arts with progressively greater degrees of responsibility and accomplishment. his accomplishments which he will always remember were his two lovely sons, his proud Hilton team, and achievements in Dubai salon culinary

From the operation management, staff training, coordination, quality control, business relationship, to his personal life, he has always motivate himself and also to others – we must always listen, learn, and produce.

“Never say i cannot be strong without you, because you are the only one who can give yourself strength.” 

“Most of the time, I always tell my staff to respect, listen, read, be strong, and never give up. Learn to build bridges with other, when you make mistakes take as your stepping stone to go further and better.” 

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His poem towards life…

“As well that life such an long trip,

Best in it is what you offer to other is

What will be remember with,

Never say i compete just do it,

Wish for god health and pray for it,

Always for ever think of your KARAMA,

Be good to other as you want them good for you,

Teach and listen more then you talk...”

Chef, you are always the best person for us to seek for food adventure…

Do look for Chef Tarek Mouriess when you are at Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

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