Thursday, December 26, 2013

Songkran, Water Festival 2013

Songkran, Water Festival in Malaysia

It had been months for me to release from my stressfinally I get to nail down some time and start to write back a stress-free blog. Yes, surprisingly, I have been stressed. Was it because of the sudden and massive changes done by government? Ehem, all increases double but not out salary? Crime rates increasingly till it is not safe to walk out of our own house?

Yeah, part of my stress and sorrows. Well, put aside, let’s talk a bit about water festival Songkran Thailand.

Yeah, yeah, I know I was late to blog at such time, but I will need some free time to write the details. After all, blog is timeless, right?

Considered as New Year celebration in Thailand, the water festival Songkran is celebrated in Thailand and any other countries that recognize the water festival. Throwing waters at each other, shooting water with water guns, applying chalks at others to mark as blessings.

On 13th April 2013, I went to Wat Chetawan temple located at Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya.

Many ‘water gun’ traders are seen selling water guns to start the water fight game, while I notice some others already start throwing water at others. 

Phew, manage to give a red signal to them, showing that do not splash me as I have a camera! But my survival time was only…… 5 minutes (=.=) lame…..

A guy came forward with this cold chalk or white powder and brushes the chalk powder through my face as I passed by. “Good luck, good luck!” Exclaimed the guy.

Okay, good luck you say, I was totally soaked with water!

We were definitely entertained by a Thailand live band, dancing crowd, and oh yeahcheck this out,


Money tree!

Check out these two cute guys!

How to fight with those in the trucks?


I managed to do some prayers in the temple and got some blessings from the monks...

It seems the children were preparing to attack me with water guns, and then I just stared back, and say no! They paused for a while, and then still came running after me to shoot the water. I have to play hide and seek for a while during that time


Followed by some ritual ceremonies done by the monks.

The wet gang!

.Awesome experiences, well, no need to be at Thailand to celebrate water festival Songkran, we have the same festival in Malaysia!
Yee har!


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