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Authentic Mexican food experience from La Mexicana, Kuala Lumpur.

Authentic Mexican food experience from La Mexicana, Kuala Lumpur

Well, it has been a while little did I mentioned and write about food. Some might say: “well, you eat only limited choices of dishes like fish and vegetables, how can you write about food of others varieties?”

When some say it is pity for me to eat at such a limitation, I would say well, least I can be a focus in those kinds of food which I had eaten.

It has been a while when we start to notice food bloggers are full of food review, and some make it as a living and passion; while some minority will be write based on own opinion which might be joyful, or might be painful. Well, my conclusion is still, trust your own taste bud, shouldn’t we?

In Malaysia, it is common to have international food such as Italian, French, Arab, Mediterranean and much more. It is impossible to get pure authentic cuisine due to the expensive imported ingredients plus most of the restaurateurs have to modify some of the recipe to suit the local flavors or preference.

I paid a visit to La Mexicana at Jalan Ampang and I might be wondering, well, it is just another Mexican restaurant. They proved me wrong. Mind me, I can’t tell whether did they serve the original Mexican cuisine (unless I have an opportunity to travel to Mexico for their food) , all I can say is, in La Mexicana, the design and the environment will make you feel that you are in Mexico already!

La Mexicana

Now, what are we doing here again? Oh yeah, the food, the Mexican food!

Hold your horses, we started off our day by ordering four Margarita La Mexicana, a Mexican cocktail containing tequila, the slight lemon juice, and with ice-rocks crushed into it.

Margarita La Mexicana

Here comes the traditional authentic food:

Enchiladas Rojas – a classic dish from Mexico, most likely during the good old days when the women in the family will always prepare this dish. As different place create different recipe, only one thing will remain the same in this classic Enchiladas – SAY…. CHEESE!

Enchiladas Rojas

Queso fundido con chorizo – this will just melt your heart away, just like the melted cheese served with Chorizo meat. This is my favorite, applying the cheese on nicely done flour tortilla, dip it with Salsa Verde…. Okay, I am hungry when I was writing this!

Queso fundido con chorizo

Nachos la Mexicana – we had this dish when we were full, what makes us to order for more dish? Just because we love to eat at here! Nachos la Mexicana was being served with super-duper cheese, special home-made sauce, tomatoes dices, and sliced onions. This is such biggest portion of nachos I had ever had in my life! If I was eating Nachos la Mexicana while watching my movie……imaginative huh? I always think how to be different from reality sometimes…well; life is fun with wild imagination sometimes!

 Nachos la Mexicana
 Nachos la Mexicana (this is really huge portion, no kidding)

Crepes de cajeta – some pronounced this dish as Crepas de cajeta. The restaurant manager approached us with a question: “would you like to have some desserts?” for some reason, we were made to say yes and yes, here we go! French Pancakes served in Cajeta sauce, a Mexican confection of thickened syrup of sweetened caramelized milk, nice to eat, not too sweet, taste to live!

Crepes de cajeta


The Terrace at Hock Choon
Jalan Nibong (off Jalan Ampang)
50450 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-4253 5251

Simply a satisfying customer…just one question for you, how can you tell the difference of a Mexican and a Spanish cuisine?


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