Thursday, April 11, 2013

Malaysians, we must vote for justice 5th May 2013

Malaysians, we must vote for justice 5th May 2013

The clip moment - the timing from 0:50 to 0:56, makes me just shivered and cried in tears…why do people greed for more, when all we want is just fairness of ruling of our beloved country, Malaysia? Bear in mind, this is not even about racist issue……

I always love to hang out with my Malay friends and Indian friends…what is wrong with that? This is nothing wrong at all, there is no wrong with the belief of religion of different culture…

It is the wrong of people - people who change the perception and mind of others, people who brainwash others, for the sake of power, status, and greed of money.

This is about JUSTICE…and not being prejudice and giving critics with other religion and race…

this is a wake-up call…don’t get deceived just because a minor reward of money had been given to the elderly…don’t get cheated because we have the parties who helped ONLY WHEN election is approaching…why wait only till election is near only to help?

Why kill the innocent when they are fighting for justice?

In English:

In Malay:

Why false accuse and frame others up when you are the real scam people behind all this?

MALAYSIANS, if you wish to change, and change for a better country, fight for every moment…remember, one vote changes EVERYTHING. This is not only for another 5 is for the rest of our lives, and next generation.

You know, I heard too many excuses and complaints...

"I do not register because I am fear of threats from government."
"I don't care because it is none of my business."
"I vote for government so that they will keep giving us money allowance."
"I am scared that I will be the next murdered victim or being hit by violence if I go against the government."

Why all excuses when you know the country is sick?Don't you want to fight for a better life?

But most of us know the poor is getting poorer, the greed is getting richer...

Here are the steps to ensure your vote counts:

5th May 2013 – a day where you and I will face the changes in Malaysia… One VOTE, can affect the next minutes ticking in our clock. The next minute, can be a MIRACLE, and also can be a DISASTER… what you had chosen will determine what future you will have….


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