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Art Culture Identity, Central Market

**This is not from central market, but I like the wordings to start my story**
          I forgot when was the last time to remind myself it is time to relax, till one of the days; I dive into the Central Market to check out the ‘alive’ arts and cultures in Malaysia. This is a way to diverse my stress, ease my mind by focusing what is going on in the art and painting world, and get a healthy course for my eyes on beautiful arts.

One of the artist from Lot 10 (refer below for info)

It is amazing for artist to change a subject into art, eh? How to differentiate the traditional and modern art? The traditional is the one who are really motivated to stick with their own mind and body to create a unique one, where else the modern one will always play around the magical arts using the computer or high-tech gadgets they to make more 3d dimension. Both give us beautiful arts in the end.

Is an art a passion, an income opportunity, a way for living yet surviving, or an appreciation? This is pretty hard to determine. Some artists did make a blast being well-known globally, and some yet keeping as low profile as possible.

The mentality of our mind sometimes has been hold back by the affordability of money. This is when arts were put in a difficult situation. Those who want to buy the masterpiece might have to think twice if the prices are expensive for them, which is why we should expand our knowledge in appreciating art. Seeing the final piece of art is beautiful, but do you know the process behind the art? The hard work, the process, the multiple failure the artists encounter before making a perfect one, the negotiation to fetch the hard work a better price and quality. Should we know? Yes, we should understand more before making any judgment.

Hence, these are the few shops which I think it is really something different, and you should go and visit Central Market by yourself:

G45: Ecowarna's products are range of nature based such as sustainable wood, plants & leaves origin, either as a whole product itself, or as a complimentary product to batik paintings.

The eco-green art-craft

DG 10: Art of Leather- Hand-made wood mobile strap; well, it can be any strap. but these are the cute ones...


Bae Bae...I am a dog made of leather.

M01: Carpenter Tan. I like this shop because it shows you the way to choose a good quality combs, and tips to how to take care of your hair. If you are looking for a good comb, why don't invest into Carpenter Tan's comb? Don't say I didn't tell you, and don't come find Carpenter Tan only when your hair getting bald, it's too late by then!

Quality combs by Carpenter Tan

Lot 10: Impian Unik Niaga- Well, not the Lot 10 we have in our mind (not the one near to Sungai Wang), but I like it here is because the artist draws many types of colorful frames, which gave the feeling of: life is wonderful...

K35-39:Kheng’s Antique & Collectible(also known as Kota Pinang). You know, I just feel so touched missing something I didn't able to see way before I was born? All I can saw was only by a brief description by grandparents and some black and white movie and the torn books left in the old home...till I stopped at here.

This is the only shop which brings me the sweet old times, where I can be in the world where my grandparents used to live with. The only thing which challenges me is to find this shop info, and I wasn't sure the exact info till I Google search and luckily, I manage to identify the same floor tiles.


Victor or by the name Kheng, thank you for keeping all the antiques.

The game machine, the early version perhaps...

Elvis Presley...

Do you know the story behind?

I miss my toy box! I used to have one!

Big antique clock to watch over us...
Well, I passed by this radio and really want to switch the channels...I wasn't allowed....

Can I just buy without breaking it?
Walking out to the next to Central Market, you will walk to Annexe market. Well, I am not sure what happened to Annexe market. (I try to check info from the Central market website but the whole Annexe market has some error as per today).

Here are the few catchy paintings which attract me, mentioning about it, is this I think of? Law of Attraction?

NS 19: Coconut Shop. Well, you will be surprised how a leftover coconut shell can turn to a beautiful art ya.

We are on coconut rack!

Hey, cows are fishing....where is the cat?

huh, the cat is sitting between the owls?

KB 07: Mokuseihin. Mokuseihin offers souvenirs and carvings made from wood. I love especially this because there are devils between the heart, ah ha!

But still, it is a good wood craft I would say, the staff is able to do lasercut and engraving, why don't you check it out?

Mokuseihin stall.

Time to eat? Well, you must try Nyonya food at Central Market:
M02: Precious Old China. It serves the real Nyonya food. Check them out at:

Sighed, can I have all the arts at my home? Well, I glad you might go there and grab some arts with your love and sincerity!

Wau wau Malaysia
Is it the ending?The inspector is reading the info of Central Market. Do you think he is doing that? 

Thinking....look blank...

Hey, pass by this barber shop...For once, I want to come to this shop at least. It was at the street way before my parents were born, thrilled! Wonder how they can handle my hair?

**devil laughter from me, muahahahahahah**

Since Year 1937!

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