Thursday, July 5, 2012

Truly Authentic Shanghai

Do you remember the days when history starts to fade in our eyes? When all the historical buildings rebuild into modern cities? What if we still miss the heritage?

Remember the good old air-conds?
Well, luckily China people still preserve some historical buildings; this building is more than 80 years old.


And I realized I missed my childhood toys.  

Do you still remember this? During our non-cyber days...

Err...designer of a motorcycle and a bicycle?
If you love shopping and just want to have a breeze walk, come to Nanjin Road. If you are looking for souvenirs and cheap items, this is not the place. 

The street walk, ya, not moonwalk ya.

Ahhh, something you should not miss when you are at The Bund . The old church, museums, the skyline view, and many more. All at the same area. 

Skyline and you see Pudong at the opposite, guess what is the  tall tower?
The night view, take my breath away...
There you go, the answer. A closer look of Oriental Pearl Tower.

Oriental Pearl Tower

The famous 88 floors Jin Mao Tower and best completed skyscraper, the World Financial Center

Guess which one is Jin Mao, which one is World Financial Center?
We are blessed to have chef instead of social media cyber guy to feed our high demand taste buds and stomach eh?

Hunanese style

steamed oysters with some glass noodles, oh no!

Famous Hunanese Chilly fishes
A simple springy instant noodles

Smelly beancurd, some people who hate, but I love it.

Thought hitch a ride by the road. This is a standard portion of fried noodles, what? Am I a monster?

Guess what is this?Tip: vegetarian

I found some really unexplainable situation and people during this trip:
Human Traffic Jam in the train

Thank him for collecting rubbish as a living, for to say, the city looks clean

He cannot see the world, but he charms us with his music

She is a shopping lover indeed, a tiny old lady.
Do you know this is China local made ‘KFC’ version?

Happy reading and catching the pictures!


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