Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai


Well, don’t worry to get lost in Shanghai. The commuters at Shanghai will always take you to your destination, not to mention being convenient and definitely walking distance. Sometimes, even taking commuters save more time than you take a taxi!

Well, let’s explore for now. In the definition of appreciation, whenever French go, the art and culture would be just nearby. When there is discovery of art and culture, here comes the connection and effort done from past to give the pleasure to the present, thanks to the kind people. Welcome to the street of Tian Zi Fang.

Meet me halfway or backway?

DIY?Do my own shop by myself?

Remember? Cute dog warns you...

Hi, handsome! smart tie and smart wear.

Mr Wu's Art Exhibition

Sexy modern model

The old time
Well, antiques, arts, paintings and others are being sold at a higher price definitely, and they are not afraid to lose the business. Guess the tourists always come to here and pay without bargain, and the local sellers earn well. I would say if you do not mind spending something just more expensive and you like it, waste no time, this place is worth to go, worth to buy(some of them).

Hello, buy me buy me!

**There is a wet market along the street, fresh fruits and meats are to be seen here. I had never seen such big tomatoes in my life ever!

Tata, zai jian (means bye bye in Mandarin)


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