Thursday, July 5, 2012

Qi Bao Food Street, Shanghai

When there is good food, we will just go there no matter how far it is, am I right? Well, coming to shanghai, so what is the famous food for Shanghai?

Smelly beancurd, shanghai dumplings, roasted duck, slurp the shanghai noodles, and…and…

**my stomach growls…. **

Gosh, miss the food! So this time, I will bring you to Qi Bao Old Street, where you can have a look at the street food, and also the environment, enjoy!
Pictures to flatter you...
This is me in my Shakira Africa hair :D

Speechless, such a nice view...

Oink oink, pork knuckle

The roasted ducks dance in the musical chairs?

Look closely, quail eggs...

Are they handsome or like a money lender staff?

The longest meat in the stick.

This is good, don't miss this stall...

See the difference of color?because of the herbs and spices...

Am I ready to eat the hottest smelly beancurd of all time?

Surrender, the smelly bean-curd is really something!
Boo! Here comes the end of this food blog!


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