Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 4: Lorong Rupa and Museum at Kota Tua, Jakarta

Kota Tua, street of art and culture
Call for Taxi -Silver Bird Group
In this whole Jakarta trip, I will only tell you the truth within Jakarta. No luxury, no 5 star hotels review, no big car fetching me around. This will be a pure story of art and culture of Jakarta, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my Day 4 at Jakarta. This is my last day, fun exploring around here!

Another traffic jam day! Tsk tsk, I decided to meet up with Tarra at Bentungan Hilir bus shelter, till the moment I thought it was easy, but it wasn’t. I ended up in a place where the taxi driver dropped me, and I didn’t know it was the right place. When I asked for Bentungan Hilir, the locals said this is the place, ask where is the shelter, they had this in their heads -- ?????????

Darn, not again! Miscommunication, okay, go for another word – bus. Okay, they nodded and luckily enough, 5 minutes of walking from my long lost territory. Tarra was also stuck in the traffic jam, so this time; we took the bus at 10am, and went straight all the way to Kota Tua. Our bus passed by Sarinah, a favorite place for foreigners and backpackers. Aiks, I should go there last night! Crap.

We reached the last stop, walked down into the underground tunnel, and head over to Kota Tua. If you like art and culture, it might as well take one whole day exploring all the museums! Alas, I had chosen my favorite museum. (Tell you which as you read on).

Anyway, we passed by this street art, and checked out their work. Hmm, this is interesting, I found this interesting. They named their own street as ‘Lorong Rupa’.

Hmm, unique, they draw and sell interesting items. Tarra and I went to have a look, and I am interested into their art. Upon asking how much is the price, the artist ‘Yance’ told me: “in fine art, there is no fixed price, but a priceless property you owned.” Artist ‘Yance was in Lorong Rupa for more than 5 years, doing sketching and drawing by the street of arts. When he had enough money, he rather spend his money to expand his Lorong Rupa. Now, somehow or rather, he is different, not the typical money minded person. One person who express and define his mind towards art. Hence, he drew me, the price?

The process:

 “Cannot be revealed,” Yance said. Yance is to be known as Sketser at facebook. Check him out.

Found another street food! This is moderate for me, but it is popular food I heard, a mix of egg and some shredded coconuts.

Ah ha! My wayang kulit museum. I had dreamt of exploring wayang kulit since young, remembered them via an advertisement.


Puppets around the world
The traditional lamp and costume

Although I did not manage to get the traditional show, this staff was eager to show me how to perform a puppet show excitingly. Amazed by how he tried to express:

Till the time I come again, Jakarta! I was disappointed I am unable to go to Monas, but looking at it while stuck in the bus, well; at least I see it with my eyes.


130pm, need to rush back to Dharmawangsa by 3pm, peace out, out I go!


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