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Day 1 at Jakarta: Practice Room and Angke Restaurant

Day 1 at Jakarta - Practice Room and Angke Restaurant

In this whole Jakarta trip, I will only tell you the truth within Jakarta. No luxury, no 5 star hotels review, no big car fetching me around. This will be a pure story of art and culture of Jakarta, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my Day 1 at Jakarta.

I landed at Jakarta airport at 11am, and worrying how I would be reaching Dharmawangsa Hotel since Jakarta is famous with its traffic jam, I am sure the taxi fare will be drying up my wallet. Luckily, I started chatting with an Englishman named Rick, who was taking the same flight with me, and he was heading to his hotel; Mr Rudy from Jakarta was supposed to send him to his hotel. Mr Rudy, who was kind enough, fetched me to Dharmawangsa Hotel.

Thank you, Mr Rudy!

Phew, thank you so much! 1.5 hour of ride made my buttock went flat; in the 1.5 hour time of traffic jam, some locals took the chance to sell reading materials, newspapers, crackers, flowers, and some even performed some songs, hoping you can give them a token! Well, it is your choice to give or not to. Mr Rudy even told me that every year, flood in Jakarta will increase 1 inch higher, which means the land will be 1 inch lower every year. Erm, isn’t it dangerous?

After resting for a while, I had planned to meet my very first Couchsurfing apart from Malaysia. One of the Couch surfers, Ms Tarra (her nick) told me to meet her at Blok M Square. For your info, there are lots of Blok M with different area or name, just to make sure which one you are really going. Well, if you are smart enough, go for cab under Blue Bird Group or Xpress; trust me, others taxi companies will just charge you higher.

Okay, Tarra, Pauline, (both CS) and I had our lunch at Blok M Square.

This was my favorite dish, Ikan Patin Tim Kecap, means soya sauce fish, just like a Chinese cuisine.

Ikan Patin Tim Kecap

I was excited to meet all of them, and I bought a whole pack of Milo and white coffee, till Tarra told me that there was Milo at Indonesia! I was so naive, thought only Malaysia sells Milo.

After going easy with my big stomach, at 4pm, we took a cab and went to PracticeRoom RehearsalStudio where Tarra needed to play her little sweet piano performance.

Tarra, hi!

This is my first time going into a rehearsal studio, and they sang like performing at orchestra.The whole gang performed at various events and were active at church.

Love them, so I end up giving them all these cute stuff.

My souvenirs for them
Happy Bee and Little Squirt!

Heavy rain made my mood went swinging and swinging. I had to say goodbye to Tarra and Pauline, take a cab home to have a dinner with the VIP people. During this wonderful evening, with respect, Mr Kafi Kurnia brought us to a mouth-watering dinner at Angke Restaurant at Ketapang, which roughly 30-45minutes of driving distance from Dharmawangsa Hotel to Ketapang.

Fried noodle, totally different.

Famous with its Gurame Tahu Tausi (smoked taufu served with fish and black beans), I would say I am lucky to have this dish as my first real dinner at Jakarta. I heard that other people try to imitate this dish, but the recipe was just a secret, others failed to do so.

Gurame Tahu Tausi

Same goes as other dishes of Saklon Goreng Mtg and Burung Goreng Mtg.


Errr...Pigeon? Look the same!

Well, no harm have some beer. Here comes the famous Star (Bintang).

Yum Seng
Slurp slurp, cooling refreshing...

Well, full and sleepy, there goes my first day! Yawn…


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