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The Story of Chef Shinith Palolathil

Who is Chef Shinith Palolathil? 

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When you heard someone said this statement, “Cooking is my passion and love is my secret ingredient”, you are talking one fine young Indian chef who won countless food competition, Chef Shinith Palolathil.

Know more about

Born in the year of 1981 at Kerala, India, his dream to become a chef was known in the chef’s family. Chef is a Malayali Hindu. Tradition and cultures in the family make him even eager to know more about the food in his culture.

Chef has never give up on getting the knowledge of the spices, herbs and the concept of “food as medicine and medicine as food”. He applies what he known on his hand, and a new creation combination of traditional with the modern food recipes, and from India to other countries of the world, his magical hands work out a food, such food where you can hardly describe by writing, where you feel the tenderness of the soft meat and mixes of spices coming after your tasting session.

Start to hit the road of his life

At the age of 18, Chef Shinith Palolathil attended training on nutrition in order to enhance his knowledge of the human body and it nutritional needs, and getting more working experiences at big hotels at India. Back in the year of 2002, Shinith Palolathil has been start working by being a consultant for nutrition at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre, Nutrition Centre, Mysore, India. Few years make him even more productive at few schools, and helping out operating restaurants.

Chef knew he wanted something more and also different. Hence, born the interest of his towards bakery. 3 years learning the art of bakery pay his hard work, as later on he travelled to Dubai to work as a recognized chef in the National Automatic Bakery and Fast Food, Dubai.

He was connected to the land of Malaysia

Chef Shinith Palolathil has been in Malaysia since 2005 and it has been a home for him. He works for many hotels like Mandarin Oriental and Shangri-La Hotel, our well known Bombay’s Palace, and finally landed in Malabar Palace and applies his recipes at Aroma too.

His greatest thing he owned by himself

Chef Shinith Palolathil made it to AFC (not Asian Football Club ya, it is Asian Food Channel)

His success of his career as a chef was amazing. Chef Shinith Palolathil made no mistake by jumping into Mandarin Oriental Hotel as Head Chef (Indian Cuisine) and has also acted as consultant to several restaurants serving Fine Dining Indian Cuisine.

In May 2010, he challenges himself by operating his own restaurant. Together with several other shareholders we Incorporated AJ Gemilang Sdn. Bhd., chef and few partners opened the very first restaurant, Malabar Palace in June 2010 which was a success. More info at:



Kerala Grill Fish, wonder how it taste? go to malabar Palace!

This is how you fall in love with the saffron rice

In December 2010, just after 7 months after the born of Malabar, they opened our second branch under the trade name of Aroma Restaurant. More info at: https://www.facebook.com/myaroma.asia

As an executive chef, Chef Shinith Palolathil has been fulfilling his dreams in expanding his food business and at the same time, made the Indian Cuisine even more popular with his new creation of recipes.

Time passes but it did not allow him to stop. He won the award of silver medal in Philippine culinary cup 2011. Right now, chef is being the top 3 runners up for the Asian Food Channel contest 2011, out of 1000 chefs from Asia! Way to go, chef! So everyone, please support him.

way to go!

AFC  time

When chef is not in his chef time 

attention to  another side, is there any karate at there?

Apart from cooking, many people will ask the same thing to most of the chefs: “so your hobby is only cooking?” or maybe they will ask: “what other hobbies you have besides cooking? “Well, chef Shinith sure has the answers: Martial Arts (Karate, Aikido and Taekwondo) have been his favorite during leisure time.


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