Sunday, September 4, 2011

Memories in Heart

Memories in Heart

Sept 2011 - I cried when I had this a s a gift, simple yet so meaningful, how can I do without you?

Thank you so much, you are very important and special in my life forever, no one can replace your position in my heart.

This is a cow lamp, it glows, just like how he can bring lights into my life, how I wish you are here, but it is hard...

13th - 15th August 2011 - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

I never seen this, probably way before I was born, but I found it extremely unique!

The old ice-cream bus

and the old ice-cream

wayang kulit, hope I can see you with my own eyes one day!

5th August 2011 - While waiting and bored at office, I have an idea of finding nice lovely pictures from the internet, combine it, and with some magical of basic color pencils, pens and pencils, this is my long to be missed cartoon pictures that I had done.

25th June 2011 - Lovely surprises start to pay attention to me, I feel so happy, excited, thrilled, and speechless seeing these lovely gifts in a lovely night after a long journey heading to Johor from Kuala Lumpur, grazie....

1st - 4th May 2011 -  Hong Kong (The Peak Tower, the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong is a unique celebrity-inspired attraction that connects guests with famous people, famous events and famous times.)
 I am amazed by Albert Einstein, he is really one helpful person contributed to the world.
Although I do not know her well, I still respect her, cannot believe she has gone,the legend, Anita Mui

 1st - 4th May 2011 -  Hong Kong (Disneyland, where I feel love all around)

I love you, beauty and the beast..

Bubbly like me in the world...of Lilo and Stitch

Miracle does happen, will you behold of the miracles?
 4th - 6th May 2011 - Nothing made me happier when I saw this at my hotel, Macau.

my dreamland of bathtub and jacuzzi!


24 Dec 2010 – Out of the blue moon, here goes a lovely Xmas lovely gift, did not expect accepting this, but I love it a lot. It came from someone who is someone, but it is our secret. Time passed, but it is ok, I had the memory moments at least.


3 Dec 2010 follow students for a factory holiday trip- missing talking to them (I am still teaching now, just that I do not like the system now because it is way too commercialized, for me, if you really want your kids to get good results – FOCUS, not because of busy working, and some part they are neglected, my heart sink down when I saw some are divorced and they are lack of parents’ loves, all I can say is: be strong, my ‘kids’ , I will see you all succeed.


8 Nov 2010 – lucky we have some bikini girls wearing bikini together with me, and having funny poses around are funny enough, many things happen in our life, but try to remember the happy times, and miss it…forgot the sorrows….too many things for u to think, think positive, thank you Angela and Subaru posing with me.

11th Sept 2010 – our sudden friendship just happened, three of us always hang out together, although we might think differently, we still appreciate each other and hang out often, my best friends, Kin Cheah and Loong, still in my heart; know each other for a shot period, but the feeling of maintaining the friendship is very strong, you are there when I need you, thank you so much, sincerely from my heart.


Sept 2010 – the most beautiful roses I had ever received in my life. The moment I get it, I was surprised and I felt touched. Seeing someone happy is more than enough, at least caring for each other. This is to show that feelings need to be taken care off. Human touch is still better than technology, and I still believe it till now.


Aug 2010 – seeing my grown up brother make me feel safe and loving him more, I love my family and hope for reunion soon.


Redang, July 2010 – we play around with facial mask, and we start clowning around, and I made a pose – yoga avatar, haha!


Fitness First 2007– This is definitely the best job I ever get, having a great training manager who train us productive in a team, and chill out and have fun. In career, we are focus more into productivity, and mostly understand teamwork and do not overuse freedom, when the manager allows you to have your own freedom and not being strict, we ourselves need to stay happy and work along, most important – Trust, communication, work together. I always feel that it is pointless if people intends to do something evil or short cut for own profit, it will not last long.


TARC - all of us busy with assignments and brainstorming, but we do enjoy each other companion, still miss and regret that I do not have more time joining around, getting to know someone is easy, communicate with someone need time, most important is – no hard feeling.


Secondary school was fun – I am famous with being the lion sleeping queen, and nicknamed as ******aya.

Dance Show at Wesley Methodist – first time organize and teach Latin fan dance, although we get second place, it was fun teaching with the girls and see how we co-operate to make the dance succeed.


My primary school – Chung Kwok, the school was famous that time


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