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The Few Lessons to Celebrating Birthday

The Few Lessons to Celebrating Birthday

bella bella....grazie!

Lesson One - never see a  blog title with the keyword of 'Lessons'. Wait, was it a lesson even? Sound so mean! I mean come on. Anyway, blog is for sharing. Anyway, this year was a bit different and special for me. Despite me knowing new people coming into my life, this year really make me laugh. So, step by step, you will come and see how my birthday celebration goes. It will not be boring as you think it is, please continue to read more? No, this is so formal. Come on, this is our life, the fun and sweet moment ought to be remembered, hope you enjoy this blog so far!

There are ways to celebrate your birthday:

Get a mom who cooks well. The advantage is no food from all around the world can win mom’s home cooked food. Healthy, no seeing the scene of everyone fork out their wallets to calculate every penny need to be paid, eat generously, talk as loud as you can, snatch your sibling’s food portion when without being stared by some strangers over the other table as there is none.

awwww...please, want to learn from my mom to cook this?

cripsy vegetables waiting for me!

scrambled eggs, everywhere is accessible but this is super different!

Celebrate with another friend or family members who happen to have a birthday nears to your birthday. Save time and cost, merrier, gather more people, a good reason to meet up again without saying busy because you will only be busy celebrating your birthday. They might even get special discount or freebies for their birthday beforehand and even invite you to come over!

Jason and  me, two lovely Sept babies

and Vanilla for me.....yummy, vanilla  is sexy sweet

Jason's  mini choco cake!
why must Jason  sleep when thinking of this big bucket of milk tea? I came to share this big drink!

Know and meet more new friends. They might not be the best or closest friends, but you will be amazed how they make your life being so wonderful, by making one small birthday party with you. The best was even better if your birthday was in conjunction with a great festival too, like my birthday, this time I met the Mid-autumn festival, where I did cut cake with Mr Tikus (Jarrey Yew), and also played lantern at the same time.  

the candles are not ready yet...

Mickey Mouse and the Lion Queen (my hair like a lion wig)
Thank  you, and nice to know all of you!

colorful lanterns with the enjoyment of eating moon cakes;  and drinking tea? or wine? or don't know what you are drinking?

Be true to your heart and being loved by loved ones. Be grateful with what you get and be blesses, sometimes, it does not matter about the price, what values the most are effort, and caring, where money cannot buy any of those.

Mooooo....Crying receiving this cute little gift, remind of my childhood  with love

Know to love and being loved. This year, so many changes and worries need to be taken up, and to make this year even more special, I was sick. My body was so in pain that I have to take medical leave for my birthday, what a birthday. Out of sudden, here comes the special delivery of the big berry cake, and with two lovely roses. I managed to smile with almost lifeless eyes. Antibiotic is the ‘gift’ by the doctor.

too sick, fell asleep while making, just joking

as sick as a patient, but the roses are so lovely, that i woke up and smelled them...

roses are black?  hmmm...mysterious....
 Find housemate who works near the housing area. She or he will feel so guilty if she or he forgot the person who lives next to your room is her or his birthday. This time, my housemate sneaks back from work and buy two mini cakes with a low tone birthday song, both of us sang the birthday song together, with the formal wear of our T-shirt and short pants, and our fine dining hall is the living room. In addition of enhancing the flavors of the moment, a cup of hot white coffee was just next to the two mini cakes.

you never know how I met my housemate...and you will like....shocked when you hear from me... she was the previous owner of this house, we know from buy sell apartment scheme, muahahahahaha!

Must i cut the cake?
Know someone who can cook. With the power of love and cook, what makes the food? Food with love and care. Mr Chef did put some cute chocolate signs on the lovely desserts for me. Thanks to the love of food, Mr Chef did cute surprising good chocolate words for me.

Angel, are you drunk?

and my wish is, to see everyone being kind , happy, caring,  lovely...and etc etc....i wanted to wish more, but the candles are melting!
muah....and 3 loves? shy shy shy....
with my birthday stated! phew, lucky not the year I was  born was written.
When a big kid wanted to eat....something...

Being true and honest and to share opinions have been always been the true within me. This time, even one creativity lovely gentleman do not know what to give me, but in the end, anything for me is fine, one meaningful gift says it all. One true thing, you are yourself, and there is not a  need for a mask for everything in front of your eyes. Sometimes, it is ought to rest and be yourself.

hmmm...who send this time?

These flowers are brought to you by:

thank  you, lovely pink flowers!

These flowers are brought to you by:

the cows in my life,  so many cows, so little source of milk for the human...

Know a buddy who is really a good buddy, and a fun and great one. From a business to a friendship, this is a real experience worth to remember in life. I mean, come on, some people are just too emphasize that business people should be apart from being a friends or not too close? See what I got from dealing with a nice cool businesswoman?

Not to mention, her flowers are super beautiful, good as a gift, or change of trend, why don’t you give a surprise to pamper the loved ones suddenly? Not only flowers, but lots more extra gifts for being extra spices in your life.

beautiful flowers...
These flowers are brought to you by:

with  errrr....beautiful pinkies of erm....erm.....

That is all, folks. Having at least four cakes to be cut and eaten this year round. I would like to thank everyone who was in my life from past till now, and I will never forget you all, because of you in my life, I feel so lucky and wonderful.


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Enjoy Life in Good Ways,
Suki Jezz
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