Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fantasy Art back into my life

5th August 2011 – I was in the office, feeling extremely bored, and out of nowhere, when my mind is still thinking of doing some artwork, with my own hand. 

I used to have an idea where I want to do some DIY gifts, and specially made for the special ones; but it is was kind of hard to get it at Malaysia, or should I say I really search too generally? Yet still, I will not give up this idea of mine, because I feel it will work, maybe not the right time, right moment, but it will be soon, as this needs help from all people who did handicraft to get my concept into making the lovely gift.

So, this is another idea of mine, which is making a DIY own made cartoon drawings. I just browse through the internet for some cute pictures, and just took one simple idea to draw out this lovely picture. What did I use? I used the basic color pencils, one A4 size paper, my eyes, my hands, some magical sprinkled with my imaginative fantasy brain with ideas, and volla!

This picture was finally born, and I fall in love with the picture quite a lot, I tend to do more often if that is possible, because I missed the old times when we still have cartoon all around, and now all are animation with the magical of advanced technology of computer.


Lovely? Love me? Love me not?

I had gathered some cute carton drawings clips just for you and me and for my future drawing skills with my fantastic ideas. Stay tuned…

 How to Draw nice eyes

How to draw all kinds of cartoons in a simple fast way


The magic of 3D, I shall learn this me!

Amazing isn’t it? Fascinating….and my dream is to draw more cute cartoons; life is wonderful after all…


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Enjoy Life in Good Ways,
Suki Jezz

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