Monday, July 25, 2011

Suki Jezz First Love in a Park

19th June 2011 – Spending precious time with someone precious on a lovely Sunday morning is priceless. Not used to wake up so early on Sunday morning, I had been brought to a lovely park at Sentul West. Now, at here, it was a nice combination. Thanks to YTL, they maintain the old train railway, and with good new built up resident area, a park, a lovely place of arts – the KLPAC, I love the place, and with the greens and some old building sites, it does look mysterious yet have a good feel keep in touch with the nature.
So once we landed this lovely ‘jungle’, what we do first was heading over to KLPAC. KLPAC stands for Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, and it is located at Sentul Park. The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre promotes, cultivates and sustains the performing arts for the betterment and enrichment of communities within the Klang Valley and for the Nation. More info at:-

artistic pictures...
mini door!

After walking around at KLPAC, we head over to the park for a relaxing walk. The park is so nice and quiet. Although not the whole park area is open to public (some places are for resident private area, cool huh?), the scenery was good enough for me already. The cute little bench made of steel, the old designed buildings, the poles, the lake, the ducklings swimming around, the underground tunnel – so lovely and amazing!
More info at:- 




nice buildings

After a morning walk, heading back for a cool swim plus a pampered favorite scrambled eggs brunch! Oh my god, you made my day and my life! A simple day yet so memorable….


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