Monday, July 25, 2011

Desa Park City, Kepong

12th June 2011 - After listening from others about Desa Park City, Kepong being so beautiful, with nice view of fireworks for continuous two New Year, finally I made it to there.
The new concept being applied at any other Klang Valley area is: - building a new small city within city; so here it is, a new resident area, new shopping centre, new park, and entire new mini city. Smart boys and developer we have around, build one mini city and volla, price goes up like there is no limitation. Well, good for others who willing to pay for such price.
So at this blog for this time, pictures are more to tell all the stories, the park is not what I expected, as I expect more people jog and exercise, but it turned out the place is full of dogs ‘jogging’ and the owner walk all their lovely dogs; and you will see many dog’s ‘match-making’, where one male will be fond and attracted to the female. If you love dogs, this is really a good place for you to check out all the dogs.
The place of the lake is huge, with the some fine dining restaurants placed next to it. So if you are those people who enjoy lake view to please your eyes view, with a pampering food to please your stomach, please do drop by. The shops which sell things are just normal, the usual shops, nothing much special.

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Enjoy the pictures, grazie….

Dogs are all around.... is not belong to Desa Park City! This is me...

Thinking of you....

Some fly kite at the breezy nice windy day...

Botanical Japanese Garden Style?


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