Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Suki Jezz First Meetup with a Travel Buddy – Mr Bimal from Nepal

26th May 2011 – I was browsing through the internet just to checking out my usual inbox, and that is when one Travbuddy , Mr Bimal, SMS me. “Hi, this is Bimal from Travbuddy, I had reached KL.” “oh hi!” I was surprised someone did contacted me from travbuddy, but anyway, after way of discussion in between of me confused in KL roads, and he is confused too, we made a deal of meeting up at LRT station, where I can pick him up for a dinner. Initially, he found his way and I pick him up.


It was a warm greeting, and we realized these are the first time we met Travbuddy! It was so cool! Bimal said: “can I give you a hug?” it was good and polite that he did ask before doing something. After a meetup hug, we went to a steamboat restaurant at Puchong. Bimal was not so in appetite, but he observed what we are eating. So , thanks to a small gathering, I manage to get 3 more friends to join me along for the eating session. So, while some are busy taking raw food, some taught Bimal how to put the raw food into the soup, then only take it up and eat it.

We were talking about life, and business. Bimal suddenly tell me one thing: “hey, I found out the Malaysian like to have a word ‘la’ at the back of each conversation, what that means? My friends and I laughed. “Well, that is the point, this is Malaysian slang, so when you heard ‘la’ coming out from someone’s mouth, most probably he or she is a Malaysian.

I was in the middle of cracking my head how to send him back his hostel. (I am totally bad in roads and directions). That is when I thought of bringing him to club. It was such a sudden that we did not expect we are going clubbing after our dinner. Since my friends come to pick me up, Mr Bimal end up going to my house and put on my Nike sport shoes (He is wearing slippers at that time). It was so funny, we are laughing that his foot size is as big as mine! Or shall I say my footsize is big for a lady?hmmmm...

Well, you see , ‘clubbing’ word is created by Malaysian too, you will not find ‘clubbing’ word from English dictionary, weird right?

So, we went to club with my two lovely friends, we hang out and chilled and dance. Zouk was so packed with people. Bimal had so much fun, and boy..There are hot sexy dancers on the stage, where people were stunned looking at them dancing, we had some sexy ladies customers who were dancing for fun too. It was so happening, I mean like, Thursday packed with people. Bimal said: “this was fun; you know at Nepal, we do not have much nightlife, and this was really a great one!”

I was glad I did bring him at least two places where he feels something different, welcome Malaysia!


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