Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Target: Travel around the world and work while I travel

4th January 2011
After talking with my friendly people and friends who advise on me in what I want, I had write bits by bits in what I want. It does a bit mess up here and there, but people who understand my English, should be able to know what I intend to tell you.
My Target: Travel around the world and work while I travel, preferable short-term of period (few months in every country), can come back to Malaysia once a while but that is optional. I wish to travel around and do not want to drag too long to achieve my travelling dream.

My first journey: I will work for a company, organization or schools where they send me to all countries, might it be rural or poor countries because I do not have experience in travelling and I am lack of money. In return, I will contribute and help what I can for the company, organization or schools by being part of the team instead; I still believe in human touch and care. I will write or blog what I had seen with my own eyes from the cultures from countries.
I do not want to backpack for few months, and end up back to Malaysia and looking for full time job to save money, and hit off the road again when I saved enough, and it will start all over again like a tiring cycle; and also one of the reason I am uncomfortable with it is because due to my lack of experience in travelling, and I want to save time and cost.

The following journey after my first journey: when I have more exposure and experiences and have money to explore to the better side of the world, I will start backpacking then. I will still work while travelling, but at this time being, I have no idea on backpackers’ jobs, hence, I will do some research or job recommendations by others people who can help or advise me throughout the travelling journey, which mean still being part of the backpacker’s team and work suggested jobs for backpackers. . I will write or blog what I had seen with my own eyes still.

My strength: interested to expose to all cultures and know more about people around the world, curiosity, interested in helping and get to know more about human touch, likes research and studies on human behaviour, was in education and servicing industry for 4-5 years; always like to do research and ask for opinion around, plan ahead before making decision.

My weakness: financial problem, no sense of direction, know nothing about geographic, always get confused and blur, bad in decision-making, lack of experiences in travelling, not a risk taker, uneasy on free and easy as I feel it might be using up too much time.

The main concern is: How to start my journey? Advise please? Any link I can look into? I am willing to start, need help from people from every part of the world, and I will help back.

Special thanks to: Backpacking, Budget Travellers350.org, MalaysiaTraveling, Malaysian Travel Network, Travelling the world, UNHCR, UNHCR Malaysia,WorldVision Malaysia,World Health Organization,LanguageCorps, National Education Association, Change The World Organization, World Tourism Organization, World For World Organization (WFWO), UNESCO


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