Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The uncle who had a dream, passed away in my dream

The uncle who had a dream, passed away in my dream

Last night, I was in a car ride with an uncle. This uncle has the sweetest smile, great wisdom, can see his kindness from his smile. You see the old grown wrinkles at his face, but he has never complained that he is old. He was sending the children home, and I was as a companion to be with him since I have nothing to do.

The kids in the car were laughing and playing, and I told them to be quiet. There were silence at a moment, but they end up started back again. Talk about kids, they were distracting yet adorable.

After send all the kids home, I and uncle had a short chat. Uncle said, “ you know, kid, life is short, but I feel great that I can live in such a long life and I am grateful to god for letting me be it in the world with everyone I know or maybe , whom I don’t know, to feel what is it like to be in a life. Life can be up and down, but we should not give up life easily, take everything as a challenge.”

Out of curiosity, I asked,” why when it comes to feelings, human can be selfish, angry or being so lifeless sometimes?” “well, it is part of the life cycle, it is you yourself to overcome such challenges, just let it go, cross the line for a better life, do not cross the line that leads you to death or bad ending, learn from mistakes, human never stop learning. God create us for some purpose.”

I just keep silent; my mind was gone blank a while. Suddenly, some school girls passed by our car and knocked our window. Uncle stopped his car and winded down the car’s window. “Please, can you help us to buy some candies? We are in need of money.” “Oh well, if they are candies, candies will make me and my friend smile sweetly, why not?” Uncle replied. Uncle bought some candies, and I can see the girls are smiling happily, seeing the money they received from uncle.

“Child, I will be having my long holiday that I had been dreamt of, will you stay good for me?”

I said: “come on, of course I can!”

As we were stopping the car by side and resting, suddenly, uncle looked pale. I went shocked and I tried to call uncle, but he did not response. I shouted for help, but no one came to help.

I shake his body so hard; do not know what to do to save him. “Uncle, you told me you wanted to go for a long holiday that you had dream of, wasn’t it? Don’t you want to? Please wake up, please!” His pulse was so weak; I only can hear him whispering. He told me to come towards him and listen to him.

“Listen, my child. There are times when things gone wrong, and we need to accept the fact. Life is unpredictable, but we are the one who decide on our own life. I want to go and leave now, I will let myself go. Do not feel sorry and do not feel guilty. I had seen beautiful wonderful world. You too, shall enjoy the every moment of your life. Live with no regrets.”

Those are the last thing he told me; and I woke up crying in the early morning. It was a dream but the pain of death touches my heart so much. I do not know him but he was in my dream, and he is gone. Death is human fear the most but relieved the most at the same time.

Please live happily, and achieve your dreams while you can, and help people who really needs help, talk about humanity and moralistic values.
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