Monday, November 22, 2010

when love...

when love…

When the feeling of like or love is coming strong, it is uncontrollable. I cannot believe it is happening, and it is an indirectly feeling from a stranger. Never knew one word, one sentence can affect my feelings. What make my feelings went weak? Crush at first sight; that is my answer.

When you think it will succeed, it might just not be working out, not all people can suits my style: being straight forward, being western style, express my feeling, and dare to try. In fact, I think most of the people cannot accept in a way, or scared or avoid then.

I do not want to be hurt again, not again, but when weakness of controlling feelings appeared, it is hard to control. I had been telling myself, think of others thing, do not think of it, but it still exist.

Failed, try again. Failed? Try again. When Timing went just wrong, when one likes someone but no return back of love, when you lost someone in one second, when someone likes you but he or she is not the one, when all this come so wrong, so many When? And what is the answer for ‘When’? only you yourself find the answer.

The one can like you, care for you, but he/she can hurt you when he/she thinks he or she didn’t, because you have feelings for him/her.

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