Thursday, April 16, 2009

sexy beauty

Sexy is just an inner expression from me, women love attractiveness and sexiness;

Do not get me wrong or mistakenly spoken, for thou should you have notice the women around you;

Women have the right to express their beauty, and not hiding it;

So sexy can be conveyed into a lot of meanings, as in pretty, happy, cheerful or mysterious;

Why must we have different thoughts upon mentioning the word – ‘sexy’? It is a beautiful word that should not be misunderstood because every girls and ladies may act upon it;

We, hope you guys will appreciate the beauty of us instead of ignoring it or acting cool against us;

Opposite sex attract each other for reason – a very specific you complete another specific type of me;

No one says sexy is wrong then, it shall be conveyed into a better, calmer meaning, and not different unhealthy meaning

Author: Jessica Ong

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