Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow, I got a nice birthday present 2009

This is so cool and nice. I have a totally new camera Panasonic FS4, arrived in my hand just 13 days before my b’day. Although for that moment, I felt that it was wasteful to get a camera as my b’day gift (for my thoughts, my Nokia 7210 was far good enough for me to take pic).

Well, camera pictures are yet still better than hand phones, although hp is easier to bring around, and thus, I felt so excited. I was told that camera was useful in long term instead, instead of taking pictures with hp (with smaller pixels).

Well, I feel that guys still don’t understand girls, lolz; but I admit guys do not need to understand girls, they just have to love us; and plus sometimes, we do understand guys, in what they want, but when sometimes we have to tell them what we want (guys do not really listening), we will end up freaked out because when we do many things for them, and we hope the guys can do something in return, they end up unsuccessfully mostly.

Well, it is not their fault. I believe we know what we want personally, but we don’t know what the other half want (most of them guessing actually). Either they reject you cruelly, or they will accept your gift happily but unsatisfied inside. But in the end, we feel the touch of love, so we cannot expect too high or much. As long as we knew we had been loved, rather than alone (MJ- You are Not Alone), that is the best present you can ever had, so money isn’t everything.

Love you guys, everyone in my life, muckz!!! Take care of your health; remember take vitamins and exercise to stay fit to increase your immune system. Plus save money for your future plan. Educate ourselves no matter in what ages you are.


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Enjoy Life in Good Ways,
Suki Jezz
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