Friday, December 19, 2008

happy dong zhi, merry xmas and happy new 2009!!!

To all,

Hi, Jessica here..

i would like to wish all of you merry xmas and happy new year. May all your 2008 revolution came true and achieved, but if it doesn't, it is ok,

U may try to achieve it by 2009!! Never try, never know

I would like to thank all of my net frens, and those who know me in person, for supporting me and add me as a true friend. Thanks for making this website alive too!!

Btw, any plans for year 2009? Any special wishes or goals?

I plan to get a hse, hmm..learn to drive(lolz), yea, i dunno how to drive...

What else? After learning to drive, try to learn belly dancing?
It is hard to get it at puchong, sniff sniff

Learn to know more financial things. Keep on learning...
Yup, that’s it!!

How bout u guys?