Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Playdates - outdoor picnic at putrajaya manmade beach

16 April 2017 - Finally a manmade beach open for public. Located at putrajaya, we get to enjoy brisk wind, shallow children pool (not for adults) n big boy managed to have some sand sensory, and scooping sand and water activities...under the hot sun for 3 hours, not easy to handle both kids at public place.

All you need to do is to spend 1 hour driving from Kl city to putrajaya.

Things to bring for family picnic outing:

Extra water

Extra clothes both adult n kids

Cap/ hat



Swimming suit both adult n kids


Shampoo and shower gel (if swimming got bathroom to wash up n bathe)

Wet wipes

Toys n things to play at beach : beach ball, sandplay set, bubbles etc

Located behind Pullman hotel, the sand and water area is good enough for our kids to have fun. 
The whole public manmade beach is clean,  lots of coconut tree as shades. No, there is no coconut wakaka girls dancing around.
GM has been staying out under then hot sun for like 3 hours in total! Remember to apply sunblock for your kids and yourself.

Wefie photo bomb with other families who make this happen. Valerie organized the Easter eggs hunt with some chocolate and candy in the Easter eggs.

With two kids, it is really challenging to take care of them in public. Oh ya, be careful as I was got bitten by the red giant ants, and it is still very itchy and my skin was reddish as I keep on scratching both my feet. 

Supposed to place my FM on picnic mat but worried on the ants thing. I place him in a stroller instead.

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