Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The real scene of survivor series

The real scene of survivor series

31st May 2011 - My heartbeat stopped for a moment when i saw so many illegal labor workers passing through my glass door of my office...they are running for their lives, when the polices came to catch them, should we pity or should get hold of them? some just come for job, some come to cause trouble, but some are really hardworking, i am imaging me myself stranded in a foreign countries, working illegally, but hardworking just for the sake of survive...but when it comes to force, the officers come to catch me and send me to jail, and that it is the life, but for the sake of surviving, sometimes, we hardly survive in our own country...just that we do not really talk about it, unless we gather more power to fight against it, to get what is right for us. but , can we?

how can money being so evil and angel at the same time?

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