Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My target, my aims, what is yours? 5th Jan 2011

My target, my aims, what is yours? 5th Jan 2011

My life Targets:
1. Travel around the world with cheap air flights (few days to 2 weeks per travel destination)
Accommodation preferred: home stay or backpackers hostels
Prefer: will not travel alone, either travel in group, or friends/people from the other side of destination who offer their home stays and bring me around in their countries.
2. Planning to be involved in – UNHCR Malaysia, WorldVision Malaysia,, UNHCR Malaysia, WorldVision Malaysia, LanguageCorps, National Education Association, Change The World Organization, World Tourism Organization, World For World Organization (WFWO), UNESCO

My life plans:
1. joining home-stay programs,
2. exposed to diff cultures,
3. like to know more people all around the world, being a volunteer or a social worker in non profit organization,
4. help those who is in need,
5. Work at backpackers’ accommodation places to know their lifestyles.


Hey ya! Thanks for dropping you have any comments or thoughts after reading my blog? I always love 2-way communication, do leave a comment in the comment box below, alright? Thanks!

Enjoy Life in Good Ways,
Suki Jezz


YL said...

That's what I dream, what I want!

YL said...

That's what I want!

Benjamin Tan said...

You can try :

jezz said...

yeah, someone told me that....hmm, ok, will check it out,what i need to do now is....get a good camera first :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there I am Gem from the Kuala Lumpur Friend Meet Up - LFM. Your dream is already happening before you even started. I had my traveling when I was 7 years old back in the 70s. Relived the dream of a man who took his entire family around the world in a car. The world adventure was an eye opener for a kid like me that shaped me for the adult I am today. That was some three decades ago. If I ever have the opportunity I would love to travel again with my 8 years old daughter and see the world through her eyes. The man I mentioned is my Papa who is now 82 years old and has his own book on his own life journey. Love to share stories and experience, if ever we got the chance. Stay tune and good luck. Gem.

ps interesting blog. :)

jezz said...

hi gem, so sorry for din update and prompt to your response...i was in the middle of choosing traveling while working, or as a travel writer...i found out cabin crew is not what i want, else i work hard work work and travel on a budget trips...gem, we shld meet up since you are an experienced strong woman