Monday, May 6, 2019

E-commerce shopping in Malaysia - Referral Links

April 2019 - While e-commerce is not an unusual thing anymore..I thought I be sharing some referral links easier for you to sign up.

Here are some of the common sites that I have referral links. While some of you might like to get some discounts/ deals from my links, there you go:

SHOPBACK: If you are a fan of shopping online, get some cashback provided you click on this link and the website will redirect you to the shopping websites you found from SHOPBACK, and shop from SHOPBACK from the start towards the end of the online e-commerce website:
Some popular websites are such as Lazada, Expedia,, Zalora, Hermo, 11Street,

GRAB: As you know Grab offers car rides, top up prepaid, mobile e-wallet system, rewards redemptions, and many more. Hi, I can get you a discounted ride with Grab (up to MYR 3 off)!
Just register using this referral code GRABOVLL4KGE, or use this:

BOOST is also another uplifting e-mobile wallet system in Malaysia. Use my Invite Code ongceml. Get free up to RM5 cashback after your first mobile prepaid credit top up in Boost. Download the Boost App on Google Playstore or App Store

Touch n Go App: Similar like GRAB/ BOOST, Touch N go is an e-wallet on cashless payment system. What's better is you can enjoy 20% rebates off TOLL fees!
Hey there! Let’s save money on tolls. Use my link and sign up for Touch n Go eWallet to get 20% rebates on tolls. You get 5x rebates right away, and I’ll get some too! @

And well, if you a crazy fans to get some cashback, or benefits your family and friends to share some deals with them. All you need to do is google "Affiliate/ referral links [Country name] you are in, and you are pretty handful with lots of affiliate links!

Do you know which websites that have active users and referral links? Do share in the comment box below, thanks!

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